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Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work- Or Not!

by Mark Riley posted Sep 19 2013 12:59PM

Here we go again.

If the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, House Republicans are truly crazy. They've voted 40 times to defund the Affordable Care Act. The Act still stands. So they're now going for 41. They're threatening to shut the government down, and hold the debt ceiling hostage if option one doesn't work. House Speaker John Boehner, who after last year's election called the Affordable Care Act "the law of the land", has found his spine surgically removed by 80 Tea Party outliers among his own ranks.

You may ask yourself, what are they so afraid of?

The answer is simple. They fear the Act will work as planned (with some adjustments), the American people will come to like it, and taxpayers will ask why the GOP members of the House (and a few in the Senate) wasted their money on this nonsense. Now the American people will have to witness the spectacle of who blinks first.

President Obama says it won't be him. The Senate says any bill containing a provision defunding Obamacare is DOA in that chamber. And who does most polling say the public will blame for this mess? The Republicans. In fact, governors from the very states the House Tea Partiers represent are embracing Obamacare, mainly for the dollars they'll get under Medicaid. 

To call the House GOP's actions irresponsible would be the height of understatement. Their behavior is best likened to that of spoiled children, who threaten to hold their breath until they die if they don't get what they want. It's time for their bluff to be called. The 80 members of the House driving this effort should be hounded everywhere they go by the very people who they would deny affordable health insurance. Obamacare isn't perfect, but it will insure large numbers of people who get knots in their stomach every time their child sneezes.

Maybe the wrath of the public will convince these fools to do something about the number one concern of Americans, that of course being jobs.

Probably not, though. Asking outliers to act rationally is often a zero sum game.

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09/19/2013 12:59PM
Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work- Or Not!
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09/20/2013 3:00PM
Tea Party and the deathly hallows
I suppose that these Republican extremists are all death eaters and of He Who Must Not Be Named; Lord, Voldomort.
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