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by Randi Rhodes posted Nov 6 2013 3:53PM

Happy post-Election Day! Chris Christie won big in the race for Governor of New Jersey, or from Christie’s perspective, he qualified for the next round in the race for President of the United States. Christie is the first Republican to win over 50 percent of the vote in New Jersey since 1988. But Christie said “anything above that is gravy.” Chris, are you trying to say you don’t care? Because we suspect that you still really like gravy.

In Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli succeeded in getting voters to the polls. Unfortunately for him, he brought in more voters for Terry McAuliffe than for himself. Terry McAuliffe may not be the best person to be governor of Virginia, but at least he’s not the worst—and that is definitely what Ken Cuccinelli was. Are the Tea Partiers going to say they lost this race because they didn’t run someone who was rightwing enough—because to get more rightwing than Ken Cuccinelli, they would have to grow a candidate from a petri dish of tea-infused slime.

In Bill de Blasio, New York City elected an unapologetic progressive for its next mayor. De Blasio vowed to help close the gap between the rich and the poor in New York City. That’s a little like running for office in Arizona on a vow to bring together the two sides of the Grand Canyon.

After even more instances of plagiarism have come out, Rand Paul finally admitted that his office made “mistakes.” Well you certainly didn’t make any mistakes in copying stuff—you usually seem to get everything word for word. The good news is that Rand Paul’s admissions about the plagiarizing don’t seem to have been copied from anyone else. There must have been a great temptation to just go back and use whatever Joe Biden said about plagiarism back in 1988. Paul said “This is coming from haters to begin with.” Haters? Rand, you’re thinking about running for president of the United States. Your public statements shouldn’t sound like a quote from Kanye West. Wait! Maybe what Rand Paul said there WAS a quote from Kanye West! Somebody do a search of everything that’s been said about “haters” by Kanye, Li’l Kim, and Miley Cyrus.

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You probably have heard about Ron Paul invoking nullification earlier this week, but if the media kept listening for another couple of minutes they would have heard Daddy Paul say that the purpose of local officials and the Second Amendment is to stop and/or shoot people like Terry McAuliffe and President Obama...

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11/06/2013 3:58PM
Winners & Losers
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