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White Christmas

by Randi Rhodes posted Dec 12 2013 4:47PM

Fox’s Megyn Kelly is dreaming of a white Jesus this holiday season. Oops, I mean this Christmas season. Megyn started out discussing the ethnicity of Santa Clause, by saying “And by the way for you kids at home, Santa just IS white.” Really, Megyn, don’t bother reassuring the kids in the audience. You’re on Fox News—there’s nobody under the age of 70 in the audience. Megyn told kids that someone was “just arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa.” Oh that’s great—separate but equal Santas! I think you just threatened children with some kind of unholy apartheid Christmas. But things got out of hand when Megyn pronounced that Jesus was white as well! Was Jesus “white”? It depends upon how liberal you are with your definition of white. And I’m guessing that the audience for Fox News isn’t willing to stretch it. Jesus was a Middle-Eastern man and a Jew. He probably looked more like Mohammed Atta than he looked like either of the guys in ABBA.

We’re learning a lot more about that fake interpreter of sign language for the deaf at the Mandela memorial. And no, we are not learning it from his signing. As near as people who actually understand sign language can ascertain the closest he came to making sense is when he seems to have told the runner on first to steal second on the next pitch.

The interpreter says he is being treated for schizophrenia and saw angels while he was onstage. So if you were worried that a total fraud was allowed onstage next to world leaders, relax. He wasn’t a fraud, exactly—he’s mentally ill. The man was inches away from the President of the United States! If Barack wants to spend any time with the mentally ill, he will invite the Tea Party Congressional caucus to the White House.

Finally, this new budget deal is simply horrendous. The key to compromise is that both parties should be unhappy. They both shouldn’t be absolutely miserable. In fairness, the conservative opponents of this budget deal would be miserable with any agreement that didn’t immediately end Obamacare, Medicare, and Social Security. Yes, this deal keeps the government open... open long enough for them to loot it.

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12/12/2013 4:47PM
White Christmas
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12/19/2013 3:15AM
If Jesus or Santas race just dont get it..
The way to honor Christ is to follow his teachings not to be the same color as him. If you want to hang an Asian, black or blue eyed Jesus in your home and you follow Jesus teachings I consider you my fellow Christian... Santa Clause? Think about it, most Saint Nicholas representations in the media have nothing to do with the celebration of the birth of Christ and are actually insulting to the Christian faith. Why would anyone want to be associated with the greed and stupidity that has become the TV Christmas special in America today? I wouldn't be longing for that abdominal representation of Santa to be of your Race or Christian faith. If you want an ethnic Santa at your local event do you really need approval from a government representative or Fox news, or the general public? Make him any color you want, as my mom would tell us as we questioned the plethora of Santa's at Christmas's, they aren't really Santa they are just his helpers... the real Santa is busy at the north pole.... Merry Christmas to all…
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