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Waging a War on Women

by Mark Riley posted Mar 8 2012 11:41AM
Never mind putting boots on the ground in Syria. Iran's nuke program can wait. The war that's being waged in this country is going forward full steam ahead, and its victims are a majority of the population. Consider that the hot button social issues right now, the ones that get morons like Rush Limbaugh upset enough to call someone a slut and a prostitute, all have to do with choices women make about their own health. Contraceptives? Back up lady. Birth control=promuscuity, didn't the women of this country get the memo?

And now it gets worse. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed a bill into law that requires all women seeking abortions in his state to undergo an ultrasound. After all, women aren't bright enough to figure out on their own choices regarding their own bodies. No....somebody has to show them the error of their ways. Now imagine what would happen if unmarried men were required to watch a film chronicling the downside of unprotected, premarital sex. Does anybody in their right mind seriously think there's a power on earth that could make such a thing happen?

Virginia and other states who push these types of laws ought to asked right off the top about just who will pay for all these ultrasounds. They also ought to be made to show data that supports the notion that forcing women to have this procedure actually reduces the rate of abortion. Otherwise, these clowns should be recalled, and the laws repealed ASAP.

Down in Texas, the war is against Planned Parenthood, and by inference, abortion. That state's legislature has cut funding for women's health programs by two thirds. The reason? They don't want a dime to go to Planned Parenthood, even though state law prohibits clinics taking monies from the state under its Medicaid Women's Health Program from performing abortions at all. Gov. Rick Perry is ready to forego $35 million dollars in federal money to make sure Planned Parenthood doesn't get a dime.

So who does this hurt? Poor working women, that's who. They're the ones with the fewest options for things like breast and cervical cancers screenings and other services these clinics, including those run by Planned Parenthood, provide. The next stop , nationally, is the proposed elimination of Title X, the major federal family planning program. The House tried to get rid of it, but the bill was blocked in the Senate. And who began Title X? Richard Nixon, with the support of George Bush, the elder.

Ladies, is this starting to sound a bit like Afghanistan to you? 
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03/08/2012 11:41AM
Waging a War on Women
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03/09/2012 10:40AM
War on women
The problem with birth control is that Rush's mother should have practiced it better. So should Rick Perry's and Bob McDonnell's.
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