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Wage Slaves

by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 29 2013 4:15PM

New data shows that 4 in 5 adults in America struggle with near-poverty, joblessness, or reliance on welfare for at least part of their lives. So if you want to blame the less fortunate, you can start by blaming yourself. 4 out of 5! That’s so many people that the phrase “the less fortunate” almost loses meaning. All of us can’t be less fortunate. What that figure means is that we’re all getting screwed.

President Obama has been speaking out on the problem of income disparity. But then for conservatives, income disparity isn’t a problem—it’s a goal. Obama says that income inequality is fraying the social fabric. The problem is that the social fabric is 1 percent fine silk and 99 percent cheap gingham.

The richest 400 individuals in this country control the same amount of wealth as 150 million others of us. And when you split it 150 million ways, it stops being wealth. Income inequality in America today is twice as bad as it was in the Roman Empire. Admittedly, we have far less chance of being fed to the lions than they did during the Roman Empire, but that might not remain the case if people like Louie Gohmert get their way.

CNN anchor Don Lemon said that O’Reilly “doesn’t go far enough” in his criticism of the black community. Don singled out the saggy pants look so big among some young folks. Don, I thought you were talking about violent crime... not fashion crime.

If you don’t like seeing a black man like Don Lemon perpetuating racial stereotypes, thank God that George Will stepped up to put the racial stereotypes where they belong—in the mouth of an old white guy. On Sunday, George Will blamed the bankruptcy of Detroit on unwed mothers. “They don’t have a fiscal problem,” Will said, “they have a cultural collapse.” Well then you would think that the last thing they should do is to sell off all of the artwork in the city’s museum.

If you want to get to the bottom of the race problem, you have to go to Ted Nugent... that is, if “getting to the bottom” you mean hearing the worst things a human being could possibly say about race. Ted says that he knows how to “fix the black problem.” This country doesn’t have a “black problem,” Ted—this country has a race problem… and it’s exemplified in the use of phrases like “the black problem.”

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Bill Maher succinctly sums up President Obama’s critics on race: no matter what Obama says, they know he's thinking “kill whitey...”
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07/29/2013 4:23PM
Wage Slaves
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