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Tricke Down Tax Cut Fairy Dust

by Randi Rhodes posted Aug 3 2012 2:36PM

The new jobs numbers are out. They’re much better than expected. Economists had been expecting disastrous numbers, and Republicans had been hoping for them. Still, the numbers indicate that the economy is just treading water, which is actually pretty impressive when you consider that Congressional Republicans keep trying to drag it under.  

The Obama campaign is out with a new ad about Mitt and taxes. The ad says that Romney’s tax plan “raises taxes on middle class families by $2,000.” Ever wonder how Mitt plans to pay for his tax cuts for the rich? He doesn’t. He plans to have you pay. His entire tax plan is based on extracting blood from turnips... and you are the turnips. Of course, Mitt himself will get a huge tax cut under Mitt’s plan. As the ad says “He pays less, you pay more.” When Mitt Romney says he wants you to support him, he literally means he wants you to support him.

President Obama called Mitt’s tax plan “trickle down, tax cut fairy dust.” Obama said the Republicans have done this before, and that fairy dust “didn’t work then, and it’ won’t work now.” Hello! Of course fairy dust won’t work… if you don’t BELIEVE! Don’t you know anything about fairies, Mr. President? Every time somebody like President Obama says “I don’t believe in fairies,” a Republican tax cut scheme dies!

Today is the big same-sex “Kiss In” at Chick-fil-A franchises! I’d like to think it’s going to freak out homophobes, but it’s hard to gross out someone who is wolfing down hormone-injected deep fried meat. I’ve seen the people who frequent Chick-fil-A, and they would stick their tongue down anybody’s throat if they thought there was a chicken nugget lodged in there.

Mitt and Ann Romney’s horse began competing in the Olympics yesterday. Or today. It all depends if you live in real time or NBC time. Ann said the horse’s performance “thrilled me to death.” The horse was in 13th place with 25 horses still to go. I’m glad for Ann’s sake that she has low threshold for being thrilled at the outcome of contests. This is going to make her husband’s 2nd place performance in November a lot easier to deal with.

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08/03/2012 2:37PM
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