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Ticking Time Bomb

by Randi Rhdoes posted Nov 19 2013 6:22PM

In the Department of Predictable Headlines, George Zimmerman has been arrested. His girlfriend called 911 saying that Zimmerman was in her house breaking all her things because she told him to leave. OK, lady—under Florida law, what he was doing is called “standing your ground.” Florida law is difficult to understand, but it boils down to this—the person with the gun is always right.

The police report said Zimmerman broke a table with the shotgun and then pointed it at the girlfriend “for a minute.” A minute isn’t a long time when you’re talking about boiling an egg, but I think it’s an eternity when you have a shotgun pointed at your head. The girlfriend tells the 911 dispatcher that she has been pushed out of the house. Meanwhile, George is making his own 911 call, telling them that his girlfriend had been busting up her own stuff and going nuts. Wow. I don’t even think a Florida jury will believe that one. When the 911 dispatcher asked why he was calling he said “I just want everyone to know the truth.” Translated from George Zimmerman-speak, he’s saying he wants to set up his alibi.

Bill O’Reilly denies that some of the attacks on President Obama are based on race, as Oprah said. O’Reilly asked his guest, Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree, “Do you deny that George Bush the younger was more vilified than Obama?” Asking if Bush is more criticized than Obama is somewhat like asking if Kim Kardashian is called stupid more often than Elizabeth Warren is. The answer is probably yes, but it’s not because Kim Kardashian faces bias because of her race. It’s because she is in fact stupid.

Finally, the Republicans in Congress are using the problems with Obamacare as an excuse not to do anything. The only surprising thing is that Republicans feel they need an excuse to do nothing. Republicans don’t need an excuse not to anything. They’re Republicans, that’s what they do... or what they don’t do, as the case may be.

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George Zimmerman made his first court appearance this afternoon, during which new allegations of domestic violence came to light...

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11/19/2013 6:29PM
Ticking Time Bomb
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