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The Teflon Speaker

by Leslie Marshall posted Dec 6 2011 12:01PM
Outgoing House Speaker Newt Gingrich Has His Hair Adjusted By His

They called Bill Clinton the “Teflon President,” perhaps they'll be calling Newt Gingrich the “Teflon Speaker?”

Currently it would seem so.  Although this is a man who spent decades in politics, because he has been in the "wilderness" he is perceived as an outsider, a non Washington guy, a non career politician.  Despite two divorces, being married three times and the memories of him issuing divorce papers to his wife while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer, and despite him being a born again Catholic as opposed to an evangelical; the Christian right seems to be forgiving and embracing him.

Despite the number of bridges he burned with the Republicans when he was speaker, despite ethics investigations which led to one charge and a six-digit fine, despite leading his party on a witch hunt trying to impeach Bill Clinton (all the while Newt, quite the hypocrite, was having an affair) and despite being forced out of Congress and asked to step down as speaker; his harshest critics in Washington are being quiet and Republicans once again are opening their minds and their wallets.


The mindset for those still wanting anyone but Romney is that Newt will appeal to the ol' school GOP types; his ideas on immigration, former ideas on climate change and strong stance to keep Medicare funded will appeal to Independents.  Republicans are also counting on the youth not knowing the old Newt; but alas, most of us do know him. There is the humble Newt which we saw when polls were down, but now, with the polls rising, the foot in mouth Newt that knows no boundaries is emerging again.  (Poor children don't have a HABIT of working)

So Ms Pelosi's findings might not hurt Newt; but his own words will.

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12/07/2011 12:02PM
The Teflon Speaker
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