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The Senate is Abandoning the Unemployed

by Thom Hartmann posted Dec 20 2013 3:47PM

Three days after Christmas, 1.3 million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits.  And, another two million will stop receiving assistance if Congress doesn't extend long-term benefits by June.  Our nation is barely pulling out of the worst recession since the Great Depression, and we're abandoning those who are out of work because of this economy.  The unemployment rate is officially sever percent, but there are still at least three unemployed workers applying for every open job.  

People on long-term unemployment aren't sitting around collecting checks – they're fighting like hell to be given a chance to get back to work, but the competition they face is intense.  Rather than our government stepping up to be the employer of last resort, Republicans in Congress make the absurd argument that cutting off this economic lifeline will somehow help out-of-work Americans suddenly find that nonexistent job.  

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced that the Senate will vote in early January on a temporary extension of unemployment benefits, and that it's “just the first step” toward addressing income inequality in our nation.  But, that date means that – even in the best case scenario – more than a million Americans will see a delay in unemployment benefits, which could be much longer if Republicans hold up or block the upcoming vote.  

It is utterly un-American to abandon those who need our help.  Our nation learned from history, and recognized the importance of keeping people from falling through the cracks, yet here we are, repeating those mistakes once again.  We shouldn't be cutting unemployment benefits, we should be investing and creating jobs, which are the only real ways to help Americans get back to work.

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12/20/2013 3:47PM
The Senate is Abandoning the Unemployed
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12/23/2013 3:21AM
STOP the madness!!!
Sometimes I havebtobwonderbif these politicians are even human @#*/@# beings! They have and continue to ship American jobs out and bring more and more foreign workers in every day, but yet are still hacking off vital life saving programs folks NEED to stay afloat in this economic hellish crisis that THEY and their corporate masters!!! I am just sickened by all the unbridled hatred, greed and discrimination in this country on one hand..and on the other..just a constant denigration and bashing of the poor for the infortunate and desperate conditions they've created!!!! I am telling you...this is not in back of you washington....karma is REAL!!!
12/23/2013 3:30AM
Sorry yall for all the typos... it's late and between my tired eyes and this ridicilous cellphone, the grammatical mistakes are plenty...but hopefully you will be able to read through them all and understand my point...thanks!
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