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The Face of Fear

by Mark Riley posted Oct 12 2011 12:04PM

As Occupy Wall St. becomes more and more a part of public discourse, its most notable by-product isn't necessarily the march to Union Square, the march to the Brooklyn Bridge, or the millionaires march. What's most notable is the fear these folks have engendered in both the media and financial elites. The reponse to that fear has been all too predictable if you look closely.

The media needs to be dealt with first, because they are the most impossibly hypocritical. Some of the same right wing writers, talk hosts, and bloviators who welcomed the rise of the Tea Party (armed or not) are prepared to condemn, sight unseen, a group of people seeking accountability on the part of those who drove the US economy into a ditch. What were patriots when they agreed with a right wing world view, became un-American, or a mob, or a bunch of whining, dirty hippies when it became clear they had a different agenda.

The tone of the rhetoric denouncing Occupy Wall St. masks a very basic, primal fear of what they can accomplish if they stick around long enough. Their leaderless, consensus built movement leaves some in media scrambling to "explain" why they're about, what they're doing, and why. Drill down a bit, talk to some of those who helped organize the movement, and they might find out. Too often, however, they simply look for a person or an incident that reinforces whatever preconeived notion they started with.

Just as bad are the politicians, who also see their comfy way of life threatened if this "thing" should get out of hand. Eric Cantor, Herm Cain, Peter King, and more that lined up to take their shots at Occupy Wall St. At least Cain, in an interview this past Sunday (when else?) said he had no facts to back up his ignorant rant. Cantor, King, and other critics understand that unless their base comes to loath these people, maybe they'll  start thinking about the issues being raised. Without being brazen enough to claim to speak for them, I did do the WWRL Morning Show from Zucotti Park this past Monday. I got to talk to people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and even political views, but one thing seemed clear. Occupy Wall St. is metaphor for an America in pain, pained by job loss, pained by foreclosure, pained by health care they can't begin to afford, even if they are working.

Then they look at the nexus of political and financial greed that has taken the nation to this place of pain and ask why none of them have been arrested while a protestor was busted for writing in chalk on a sidewalk.

Why indeed!
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10/12/2011 12:04PM
The Face of Fear
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10/14/2011 10:29AM
Eric Cantor
Eric Cantor got elected by 236 votes in the last election. He can lose in the 2012 election.
10/14/2011 12:14PM
The FACE of FEAR to the FACE of PANIC.
I for one, after Madoff, and with the arrest of Raj Rajanaran (I hope I got the name right) and Cosmos, I hope many more criminals who created the economic mess/fiasco would be arrested and that the arrest keep coming Fast and Furious. Ive been holding my breathe a PRETTY LONG TIME. I guess those arrest would not only include the from Wall Street but Congress and from the last admin. Should I say the press and media too? (if only).Yes indeed, where are all those arrest. Where are the boycotts of the corporate interests (products and services?)and the push to support now, people to run for office who are going to work for the people and not against them. OWS need to have their next action plan demands clearly defined NOW. When this happens i think we sure will see more fear. Fear to panic? Is that next?
10/17/2011 6:53AM
The First Round of Demands from OWS
Keith Olbermann read a list of demands from OWS early in October. I googled this and found this list published in the Washington Post
10/19/2011 8:47AM
My family and I visited Zuccotti Park to personally get a sense of what they're about. On both occassions we saw too many Ron Paul signs to feel comfortable and the during the last visit, last weekend, we saw two signs that were prominent in the Tea Party rallies. The signs portrayed Pres. Obama as a clown. I for one, need to know what their goals are and their eventual impact on the Presidential elections. I also have a need to know why they would not allow a civil rights legend, John Lewis, a couple of minutes to speak, when he took the time out of his busy schedule to support them. I guess if Dr. King were alive they would diss him also. Since I noticed they've allowed other to speak, it makes me pause. So I will postpone my support until I'm sure of their politics and objectives. I don't believe the majority do not have a political agenda, just based on their signs and comments.
10/27/2011 11:08PM
The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a Farst
I to saw many in protest of President Obama. I wasn't aware of the John Lewis incident, but not surprised. There is much more to this "movement".
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