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The Day of Many Stories

by Mark Riley posted May 3 2012 5:23PM
Most weeks, I try to do a blog entry on Wednesday. Today I'm truly glad I waited 24 hours. This day had so many noteworthy stories, it was hard to get all of them into the show from 6 to 9AM (shameless plug). Since I couldn't really focus on one to qwrite about, I decided to say a little about several.

Item.....NFL icon Junior Seau dead after apparent suicide.
Seau was on of those warrior athletes so celebrated in the NFL. He dished out hard hits, and he took as hard as he gave. He lasted the better part of 20 seasons in the NFL, an extraordinary feat given the physical demands of the game. So what would possibly cause him to take his own life at the age of 43? It's tragic to note that of the 1994 San Diego Chargers team that Junior Seau lifted to the Super Bowl, eight players are dead, all under the age of 45. They died of various causes, but certainly Junior Seau's passing ought to at least give momentary pause to those of us who watch and revel in this game. I guess it's simple. What price NFL glory? RIP Junior.

Item.....Right wing militia fanatic massacres four, then kills himself.

His name was JT Ready, and among other things, he was a coward. Does Arizona really think its biggest problem is immigration? Or is it a lunatic who advocated mining the border between the US and Mexico, and killing illegals wherever and whenever he deemed it necessary. He belonged to the Minutemen, as well as the US Border Guard and a Neo-Nazi group. Some piece of work. Among his victims was a 16 month old child. That's where the coward part comes in. Oh, did I mention he was friendly was the former head of the Arizona State Senate, and planned to run for Pinal County Sheriff?  Law enforcement in the Phoenix suburb where Ready shed all this blood say they don't think his motive was political. I guarantee one of his anti immigrant, Neo-Nazi pals will call this scum a great American, and opine this is so unlike him. Whatever. He was a child killer.

Item......College kid "lost" by the DEA, kept in holding cell for four days.

Alrighty then.....Who at the DEA falls on their sword for this one? 23 year old UC San Diego student Daniel Chong was swept up in a drug raid at a friend's house. Despite being told he wouldn't be charged, Chong was left in a holding cell for four days without food or water. The cell had no sink or lavatory, and he was only given a blanket. He began hallucinating after a time, and thought he would die in the cell. No one came to check him out despite his screams for help. The DEA's official explanation? They "accidently" left him in the holding cell. This is a pretty heavy price to pay for trying to celebrate 4/20 with a joint. There are those who argue that something like this should lead to the demise of the DEA. Don't get your hopes up. The Doper Industrial Complex is way too powerful, and there's way too much money at stake in the War on Drugs. Right?

Item.....NYPD Warrants Squad targets Occupy Wall St.

This one is more than a little strange. The Warrants Squad of the NYPD goes after people who don't show up to court when charged with virtually any type of violation, from bank robbery to violating the City's open container law. There are now allegations that the Warrants Squad actually went after people with those really minor outstanding warrants, and then questioned them about this past Tuesday's May Day actions on the part of OWS. Is this standard operating procedure for the Warrants Squad? Or is this taking proactive policing a bit too far? Methinks the latter. The NYPD has already admitted they've been surveilling OWS almost since the first tents went up in Zucotti Park last fall. Spy on them all you want, use the Warrants Squad all you want, but the central question around all this remains. Is Occupy REALLY all that dangerous?

Just a few things to think about on the first Thursday in May. There are others, but They're gonna have to be for another post on another day. Got anything to say? Hit me a comment.

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05/03/2012 5:23PM
The Day of Many Storie
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