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The Cold Heart of the NRA

by Mark Riley posted Mar 27 2013 3:34PM

The National Rife Association is an organization that's burying itself with each passing day. They show no temperance whatsoever for common sense gun regulation, regulation that clearly doesn't violate their Second Amendment rights. And now, they've reached a new low. Rubbing raw the still fresh wounds of Newtown, Conn. residents, they've bombarded the town with robocalls opposing gun safety measures currently before that state's legislature.

The trouble with robocalls, aside from being annoying, is that they are unable to discern who is being called. That's led to calls being made to people who lost children in the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School back on December 14th. Imagine that. Just over three months after losing a small child in a horrific murder spree, some folks in Newtown are being asked to stop proposed laws that might have prevented it. 

An ally of the NRA happens to be located in Newtown, just three miles from the Sandy Hook Elementary School. It's the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and their affiliation with people like Wayne LaPierre ought to be to their eternal shame. Newtown residents are protesting this barbarism by holding a march at the foundation's headquarters Wednesday afternoon.

An unnamed mouthpiece for the NRA says they're just doing their job. One shudders tom think what they think their job is. They know Newtown was a watershed event, one that made even gun enthusiasts think twice about the love affair too many people have with weapons. It's obvious that LaPierre and his minions have no heart, no feeling, and no compassion for human tragedy by targeting this town that's been through so much.

Meanwhile, Congress fiddles and compromises on gun regulation.

If just doing their job is the NRA's rationalization, it falls way beyond far short. Godspeed to the people who will protest Wednesday. Wayne LaPierre and the NRA should be forever haunted by the souls of those killed in Newtown.

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03/27/2013 3:34PM
The Cold Heart of the NRA
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03/29/2013 1:41PM
I guess that the people who live in Newtown, CT will let the NRA know that their robocalls are not welcome there. But, the wrong messenger to counteract this, is our dear mayor. When he speaks on the subject, too many people know his reputation and think that he is going to take their guns away.
04/01/2013 8:12AM
Pastor Doris Johnson
WAYNE LaPierre is control by Satan and those that stand with him are his fallen angels. They know the true but refused to believe that their gun rights will be taken away, because they wants to rebel against the government. These people are haters of theAmerica Government and the laws and rules that protects all people.
04/01/2013 8:20AM
Pastor Doris Johnson
Correction NRA know their gun right will NOT be taken away but they just want to rebel against our Government
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