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The Cain Conundrum

by Leslie Marshall posted Nov 7 2011 3:30PM

It's racism. It's a smear tactic. That is what Cain and his supporters say about the allegations, that keep growing against him with regards to sexual harrassment.

There are at least four (4) allegations of harrasment against Mr Cain; but the latest, has a name and soon will have a face. Ms Sharon Bialek. Now unlike Anita Hill, who was alone in her accusation against Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, Ms Bialek comes forward with other women behind her. Her coming forward might even prompt others to follow, or the first accusers to reveal their identifies.

What most don't understand, and I do having been the victim of sexual harrasment more times than I care to mention, is this isn't easy. When we ponder if Ms Bialek's charges are credible, what does she stand to gain from doing this? Mr Cain can't pay her off while he's attemping a run at the Presidency. There probably won't be a book deal. What she will get is criticized by the right and Cain supporters; perhaps even from others who don't believe her or think she's looking for her quick 15 minutes of fame.

I believe her because it takes guts to say: this is what this man did to me, he's running for President, you need to know. Another reason I believe Ms Bialek? I had a man say the exact same thing to me..."You want a job, don't you?" Well, for this talk host, I didnt want the job that bad.

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11/07/2011 3:38PM
The Cain Conundrum
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