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The Blues

by Karel posted Nov 7 2013 3:52PM

Inspiration. Creativity. Forward thinking. Planning. Art. Production.

Every day I’m called upon to create a three hour radio show. Every day I need to look at the news, look at world events, Pop culture, and craft three hours of informative, relevant and entertaining radio. I also have to try and sell the show, produce it, fund my life and live one. Along the way I have to try and craft a future, a transition, from radio to web to TV and make it profitable enough to have some kind of life.

Except I don’t feel like it. At all. One bit. The Blues have found me.


Look at the events. The President taking hits over a web site. A web site. He wants to reinvent the entire system and the country is mad at a web site. Insurance companies, not the President, are rewriting policies, canceling people, raising rates. NOT THE PRESIDENT. The President, the administration, does not write policies, issue policies, insurance companies do. Anything they do they can undo. Any rate they set, they could unset. The President doesn’t set rates, corporate America does. Corporate America does not want Obamacare, so they will do whatever they can to make you hate it. Including canceling policies, raising rates, doing whatever they want to to make you hate the government and feel that THEY are the victims of some horrible policy and they have no choice but to charge you more or cancel you. It’s bull crap. And American’s are too blinded by ignorance and deafened by media and political noise to see it. Or they just don’t want to.

Kids killing kids and teachers, but no gun control. 34,000 dead Americans each year, a Jihad on each other with legal guns and because corporate America profits from our deaths, they keep the Weapons of Most Destruction, guns, legal through influence and money.

A failed drug policy. Failed immigration policy. More and more needing social programs yet Republicans wanting to eliminate or cut them.

In your state, while you and others suffer, the richest in your state are 19% richer this year. The rich, have and will indeed get richer, while the poor do, in fact, get poorer.

My listeners tell me day after day how they do not feel Congress will ever speak for them in their lifetime.

And me? And you?

So my task each day is to make this fun, funny, informative. And it is nearly impossible.

And that’s my job. My life depends on my ability to do that very thing. And I would rather be Perez Hilton than Bill Maher right now. Even John Stewart is finding it hard to stay funny.

Because so much behavior in the world is obtuse World leaders tapping each other’s phones. Obama behaving like Bush. Kayne West and his insane ramblings looked upon as a premiere entertainer of our time. Reality show cast members becoming celebrities, singers thinking they can be superstars after six weeks as a contestant on a night time TV show where no one remembers the winner everyone was fawning over from the year before. Disposable stars, disposable shows, politicians behaving like we are a disposable nation.

And so I sit. Reading the newly redesigned, designed for the hip, the fresh, the young. I’m 50, guess it’s not for me. Watching CNN, which moves ever closer to Fox in terms of sensationalism, half-truths, fact checking after, well, the fact.

Even my beloved HuffingtonPost…eight years this month I’ve been writing for it. Eight years. When I started, no one cared. Oh, we don’t service blog writers. Oh, we don’t do interviews for Blogs. Now, when I mention HuffingtonPost, it gets more response than my radio show. It was the Lion of the Left, the place where liberals and progressives could speak truth to power and be a strong and forceful as those on the right. Now, in between stories of Miley Cyrus in a bikini or some celebrity going bonkers, there may be an editorial or two that’s now toned down, now not as angry, now filtered through the $40 million dollars AOL forked over for it. I don’t begrudge Arianna her success. And to be commercial, one must change. Wouldn’t I?

Yes, I would. I would leave current events and politics behind in a minute for a show like my “Life In Segments” that is launching in November or “The Left Coast” where I become governor of the State of California and have fun with issues because I’ll be in control of them in my fictional world. Unlike the real world, where it seems we can’t control a thing.

A majority of Americans say legalize Pot. Congress doesn’t. They say legalize same sex marriage, but the GLBT community must still fight a degrading state-by-state battle. So many things American are ready to progress to the next level, but all we get is partisan rancor.

And while they play with our lives, it passes us by. We strive, we work, we try and try. And 50% of us will die broke and a majority of us think we will work until we drop.

Yes, let’s make that a fun show tonight, shall we. Here we go!

The Karel Show Thursday nights at 8 PM on WWRL 1600.
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11/07/2013 3:53PM
The Blues
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