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The Aftermath

by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 18 2013 3:41PM

Ted Cruz won’t rule out another shutdown. Do you expect anything else? Ted Cruz ruling out another political gimmick would be like Miley Cyrus ruling out another partially-clothed publicity stunt.

Tom DeLay says that people in “the real world” consider Ted Cruz to be a hero. And I assume that those same real world people also think that Ted Cruz can fly and that he has x-ray vision.

Newsflash—after the shutdown fight, there is anger on the right. Wasn’t the whole shutdown fight because there is ALWAYS anger on the right?

By the way, yesterday while the whole world talked about the Republican political fiasco, the lead story on the Drudge Report was that sales of salsa are now twice the sales of ketchup—just so you know where the next threat is coming from. Mature conservatives realize that this Obamacare shutdown battle is over. It’s time to move on to xenophobia and immigrant-bashing.

The House stenographer who caused the bizarre scene on the House floor during the shutdown debate is speaking out... which is a welcome change from having her yelling out. The woman, Dianne Reidy, reached out to Fox News. OK... that’s the last place you should be going after you’ve just had a delusional episode. But then on the other hand, if you were suddenly convinced of a bunch of crazy ideas, where is the first place you would go for confirmation?

The new story being repeated in rightwing media is that President Obama lured the Republicans into the government shutdown as part of a clever trap. Gee, if that’s true, then Ted Cruz must have been in on it from the very beginning. Nutty book author Ed Klein says that the plot originated with Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. Brilliant. Then all she had to do was to convince the entire Republican population of DC to go along with it.

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10/18/2013 3:42PM
The Aftermath
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