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by Randi Rhodes posted Nov 11 2013 4:30PM

Today is Veterans Day, when we honor all those who have served in our armed forces. It was originally called Armistice Day because it marked the day that the First World War ended. Today not many Americans would know what the armistice was for. Heck, a lot of Americans don’t know what an armistice IS.

As it turns out, the opening session of the UN climate change summit is taking place just as a monster storm struck the Philippines. What are the odds of that? Whatever the odds are, they’re getting higher every day. Most of the rest of the world is taking climate change seriously. Now America just has to take the rest of the world seriously.

The expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare has provided millions of people with affordable healthcare...even if it’s millions of people fewer than it would have been if not for Republicans. 13 million more people will be getting Medicaid. That’s a success story that conservatives don’t want you to know about. And even more, they don’t want you to know about the 5 million people who qualify for Medicaid who won’t be getting it because they live in Republican-controlled states. Aren’t these people already suffering enough just living in a Republican-controlled state?

Last month Lindsey vowed to block all of President Obama’s appointments in the Senate because of Benghazi. Lindsey, there is a term for threatening deadlock in this Congress... and that term is “redundant.” Graham made his obstructionist vow the day after the broadcast of the 60 Minutes segment on Benghazi that has been proven false and retracted by 60 Minutes. Lindsey isn’t retracting. Journalists issue apologies. Lindsey Graham issues threats.

Ted Cruz was on the Tonight Show decrying the horrors in income inequality! I can’t imagine a person who would be a more inappropriate spokesman for the little guy than Ted Cruz. And yes, I’ve thought of Donald Trump, Louis XVI, Scrooge McDuck, and that Uncle Pennybags from the Monopoly game.

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Bill Maher takes on conservative Christians’ warped sense of charity (language may not be safe for work)...
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11/11/2013 4:34PM
Thank You
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