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Tea Whipped

by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 1 2013 12:14PM

We’ve been shutdown! Great, most government workers are getting an unplanned vacation, and people with planned vacations are having them ruined. Remember though, it’s all for a good cause—denying the American people affordable healthcare.

President Obama decried the “perpetual cycle of brinksmanship.” That’s a nice way of putting it. “Brinksmanship” means taking things right to the brink before pulling back. These idiots went full speed straight over the brink.

At the last minute last night, the House Republicans said we need a “conference committee” to sort out their differences with the Senate. Now they want to negotiate! The only time that Republicans show up to negotiate is when they have explosives strapped to their chest. Republicans in Congress have continuously refused to begin budget negotiations for over half a year. Now, with their shutdown upon us, they want to start naming a committee! They drove the car over a cliff, and then they say it’s time to schedule a brake inspection. Does Boehner have an exit plan? All I know is this—if I’m on an airplane with John Boehner, I definitely do not want him to be the one sitting in the emergency exit aisle.

The votes to fund the government are there in the House, but John Boehner won’t let a vote take place. Boehner won’t move until the Tea Party caucus gives in. We literally waiting until the most delusional segment of our population does the rational thing. That’s the thing about hostage negotiations—the person who is holding people at gunpoint is rarely the most rational person in the whole affair.

The beautiful irony—the only thing of beauty in this ugly affair—is that the government shutdown over stopping Obamacare has no effect on Obamacare whatsoever. Obamacare is untouched, but the National Parks are closed down! The Tea Party should have just sold this shutdown as a fight to shut down the Statue of Liberty—that’s what they accomplished.

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The West Wing: Then shut it down...

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10/02/2013 12:15PM
Tea Whipped
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10/31/2013 8:09PM
The Affordable Health Care Act.
Why doesn’t some from your radio station try canceling your own health coverage and sign up for the NYS affordable health plans Aka Obamacare or find someone who is trying to get affordable healthcare from this site. This is not affordable health care and see if your “preferred doctor will accept any of these plans. “ You may want to try providing hands on solutions to making this Act better than what it is. Please stop using criticism towards any political party and please stop answering a question with a question from callers who are in opposition to your thinking. PROVIDE HANDS ON SOLUTIONS. This is the Challenge Ladies and Gentleman. Thanks and Yes GOD BLESS
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