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by Randi Rhodes posted Nov 4 2011 3:26PM
The October jobs report is out—the chance for President Obama to see how good he was able to do, and for Congressional Republicans to see how much bad they were able to do. This time, Obama wins, but not by much. Private payrolls rose by 104,000 jobs last month—not bad, and more importantly, not nearly as bad as Republicans were shooting for.

Yesterday the Senate killed yet another part of President Obama’s jobs plan. The Democrats have broken the jobs plan out into separate bills. Now the Republicans can’t just be jobs killers, they have to be serial jobs killers. The infrastructure bill would have been funded by a 0.7 percent surtax on people who make over a million per year. Republicans would rather see our bridges go down than to see the income of billionaires go down, even by a tiny amount.

Herman Cain has actually risen in the polls after the sexual harassment scandal broke. Wow. The Republicans not only have bad candidates, they actually like it when their candidates get worse. 7 in 10 Republicans say the allegations of sexual harassment don’t matter when it comes to picking a candidate. Here’s a news flash, people—they WILL matter when it comes to running that candidate. What sells in the Republican primaries doesn’t necessarily sell when you get to the general election. It’s kind of like the Republican primaries are the worst focus group of all time.

Ann Coulter says “our blacks are better than their blacks.” I don’t think so. And if it seems that way, it’s only because Republicans have so few blacks that they can lavish extra care and attention on them. It’s true. Take a look at Republican Allen West—every hair in place, all of his clothing immaculately pressed. Then take a look at Cornell West. He always looks like he rode to the interview on the roof of the car. So yes, their blacks might win the evening gown competition. But when it comes down to the part where they have to answer questions, our blacks come out on top.

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11/04/2011 3:27PM
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