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by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 16 2013 5:05PM

Today the Senate has reached a bipartisan deal on the debt ceiling and shutdown. If you want to know what the Republicans got out of this mess, well, that’s just it—the Republicans got out of this mess, and that’s basically all they got. Ted Cruz says he won’t filibuster the agreement. But he retains the option to talk non-stop for 21 hours some time when it won’t matter, but it looks like a filibuster. The deal still has to be approved by the House, which is like saying we’re good to go... just as soon as pigs fly. But I think these pigs are anxious to get out of here no matter what it takes. The Senate has opened the door! Now I just hope that John Boehner doesn’t get his caucus caught in it.

Everything is in the hands of John Boehner. Great! During the Bush administration this country spent 8 years in the control of a dry drunk. Now we find ourselves at the mercy of a wet one. Well, Boehner can hardly do any worse than George Bush did... I keep telling myself. Bush tanked the economy without even knowing that he was doing it. At least Boehner is aware of the catastrophe that he’s causing.

Jim DeMint and the Heritage Foundation put the kibosh on Boehner’s attempts at passing a bill yesterday. President Obama may have veto power over Congress as a whole, but Jim DeMint has veto power over the Republicans in Congress. It’s like the Heritage Foundation is another branch of government—a branch that is used to beat Republicans who step out of line.

Charley Rangel said that the extremist Republicans are fighting to bring down the government “the same way they fought as Confederates.” I’ll disagree in this much—the Confederate armies at least had a coherent strategy. Oh, there’s one more big difference—at a certain point, the Confederate armies admitted that they were beaten. Jim DeMint talked about Obama’s “Waterloo.” It’s time to tell the extremists like Jim DeMint that this is their Appomattox.

Finally, President Obama says that John Boehner simply “can’t control his caucus.” Yuck. I wish we could just leave John Boehner’s caucus out of this. And I mean that in the non-entendre way as well.

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10/16/2013 5:05PM
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