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Spare Me!

by John Campanario posted Jul 18 2011 10:41AM

WWRL 1600 Blog Entry 7/18/11

Spare Me!

By Mark Riley


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been sick and tired of the debt ceiling debate for about a week now. That’s because the motives of the Republicans, in this case inhabiting the House of Representatives, is so transparent. They’re carrying water for the fringe of their party the people who believe people-centered programs that go back to the Roosevelt era (Social Security) should never have been enacted. It’s no accident the budget cutting mania of people like Rep. Eric Cantor is focused on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.


We’ve been hearing much talk lately from listeners about the establishment of an American oligarchy. At first, it sounded a bit like overreach. After all, does America really want to morph into a nation run by rich folks while everyone else slaves in their service? And yet, the politicians who would create our collective economic doom say they speak in the name of the American people! If you watch the Eric Cantors, the John Boehners, the nameless, faceless Tea Party Caucus in the House, they all manage to rationalize their shameless conduct by saying they act for the American people.


Yet are they really? Poll after poll indicated a clear majority want to see increased taxes on the rich in order to help erase what we all know is an unsustainable deficit. That, however, would take a few bucks from the wallets of GOP enablers, that is, wealthy individuals and the corporations that threaten to dictate how hard working, ordinary people live.


President Obama is not without fault here. His messaging on the debt ceiling hasn’t been clear until very recently. He seems not yet ready to pivot to the issue of primary concern to an awful lot of folks, that being job creation. Still, it’s obvious he’s dealing with Congressional Republicans who are acting like children. As dawn breaks over the end of the workweek, we hear there’s been some tentative movement toward a solution to the debt ceiling “crisis”.  Funny, how it wasn’t a problem when it was raised 74 times since 1962, or the 7 times it was raised during the Bush years.


Right now the best progressives can hope for is the ceiling gets raised without draconian cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. Then, our voices must be raised to both the President and out elected officials in Congress to stop the drama, and get to work on putting people to work.


Until that gets done, spare me your drama, cut the crap, and let’s get serious!  

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08/01/2011 10:41AM
Spare Me!
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