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Sex & Violence

by Randi Rhodes posted Nov 21 2013 5:44PM

George Zimmerman’s girlfriend is speaking out. Hopefully enough people will hear her to make her the last woman to have to bear the title “George Zimmerman’s girlfriend.” It seems that, after a fight with his girlfriend, George Zimmerman sent her young daughter an image of him and her mother having sex. This guy should either be jailed, or he should primary Trey Radel in next year’s election. His campaign theme could be “Come on, Florida—you can do worse than Trey Radel if you try!”

Samantha Scheibe says that George fell into deep depressions whenever his name dropped out of the news. That’s not good coming from a guy whose only way of getting into the news is to kill or hurt somebody. When asked about George Zimmerman’s obsession with guns, his former neighbor just said “Well, boys will have their toys, as they say.” Toys? These are guns we’re talking about. George Zimmerman didn’t kill Trayvon Martin with lawn darts.

John Boehner is not going to take any disciplinary action against Congressman Trey Radel after he was found guilty of cocaine possession. Hey, it’s hard to give someone a lecture about substance abuse when you’re slurring your words.

The Republican attacks on the Affordable Care Act are part of an organized effort to relentlessly assault Obamacare until they destroy it. Republicans are going to attack healthcare until we’re all dead, and this effort should hasten that moment. The GOP strategy is the result of a month of closed-door strategy sessions. Geniuses! It took them a month to come up with a plan than boils down to “Burn, baby, burn!”

Finally, Rush Limbaugh cut off a caller who brought up his past drug use. Odd... most recovered addicts are perfectly willing to discuss their past. It’s part of recovery. I guess Rush must not be recovered. Rush is definitely not recovered from anything! Look at how morbidly obese that sea cow is! At the very least, he’s replacing the narcotics with cheesecake.

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Harry Reid has finally gone nuclear!
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11/21/2013 5:44PM
Sex & Violence
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