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Same Ol' Song

by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 17 2013 5:28PM

Another day, another shooting spree—I guess we should be glad that the NRA isn’t insisting that the Second Amendment covers the right to own chemical weapons... because you know that they would get their way.  Now investigators start looking for a motive. I suspect the “motive” is the same as in every mass shooting—somebody is very angry, guns are available to anyone, and this is simply what Americans do in these circumstances.

Evidently Aaron Alexis had mental health issues. As they did for Tucson and for Aurora and for Newtown, the NRA will insist that the way to curb gun violence is to deal with mental health issues. People spend decades in psychotherapy—it only takes a few moments to conduct a background check on a gun purchaser. Under the NRA approach, if somebody is waving a gun and threatening to shoot people, don’t take the gun away. Let them keep the gun while we have a mental health official talk to them about their feelings for their mother.

A Senate hearing scheduled for today on Stand Your Ground laws has been postponed in the wake of the shootings. People, if you’re going to postpone this hearing every time there’s a mass shooting, it’ll never take place. What exactly is the point of this postponement? “Let’s not talk about reigning in gun violence so soon after the shooting—out of respect for these latest victims of gun violence.” I suspect that if the victims were still alive they would tell you to go ahead with the hearings, so that we all have a better chance of remaining alive.

Piers Morgan held a debate on his show about giving guns to blind people. The first point I would make is that some things simply should not be up for debate. But no—not only did Piers have a debate about guns for blind people, he was evidently unable to find anyone to argue AGAINST that idea! The debate on the show featured a gun loony named SE Cupp and Van Jones. Van Jones didn’t seem to want to come up with any arguments against arming blind people. Here’s a quick and easy one, Van: They’re friggin’ blind! Two people actually sat and discussed whether blind people should have guns! That’s the very definition of over-thinking something. In fact, it’s a bizarre mixture of over-thinking, and not thinking at all.

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Chris Hayes takes a few minutes to dismantle two of the gun lobby’s favorite post-mass shooting myths...


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09/17/2013 5:34PM
Same Ol' Song
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