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Ripped From the Headlines....

by Mark Riley posted Sep 26 2013 1:13PM

It's very rare in the annals of media that we get three really dumb stories in the same week. This week was the exception. You figure these trio of ridiculous items would get some coverage, but Jeez, these seem to have been given a life of their own. I asked listeners on the Morning Show which they thought was the dumbest of the three. I'll let you know who won at the end of this item. Without further ado, here are three dumb stories for your perusal, in no particular order.

Item 1- Ted Cruz doesn't like green eggs and ham. The senator from Texas spent 21 hours and 19 minutes railing against the Affordable Care Act. He ought to be investigated for wasting taxpayer money, but I quibble. He decides to invoke Dr. Seuss part of the way through his rant. One would think some of his conservative homes would cringe at this, and in fact some have. In a most bizarre coda to his Cruz-a-Fiction, he voted with the majority to end debate on the issue at hand,, which of course was stripping Obamacare defunding from a resolution to keep the government running. Opportunist is a mild way of describing this guy's ambition, and Senate Republicans know it.

Item 2- Bill de Blasio, the commie Sandinista. Back in the day, the Democratic mayoral nominee spent time in Nicaragua, helping and in solidarity with, the Sandinista government there. His opponent, Joe Lhota, is making as much hay as possible out of this. For him, de Blasio's activities of a quarter century ago are a mirror into how he'd run New York City as mayor. Nowhere in his narrative does he mention Iran-Contra, or the fact that the US government ran cocaine into the US to fund the opposition in Nicaragua. Nor does he mention the Sandinistas overthrew a US backed dictator. Yet some media have tried to breathe life into this story. If this is their best shot, Joe Lhota is doomed.

Item 3- Cory and the stripper. Turns out the Newark mayor and Senate candidate really does love Twitter. He's exchanged thousands of tweets with thousands of people. One is a stripper who not only decided it was time for her 15 minutes of fame, but plies her trade in a vegan strip club. As it happens, the tweets were totally innocuous, but no matter. You'd have thought Cory Booker made arrangements to meet this woman at a Newark airport hotel. The mayor's spokesman said it best. "The most shocking part of the story was learning that there is a vegan strip club in Portland.

Which story got the most votes? Cory and the stripper, and it wasn't even close.

So which one was dumbest to you. Hit me up, let me know.

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09/26/2013 1:13PM
Ripped From the Headlines....
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09/29/2013 4:25PM
The dumbest
I think that the dumbest story is Cory Booker and the stripper. First of all, he isn't married, so what difference does it make. But also, what did they say to each other that was so bad? There is plenty of news, so why do we need this story at all?
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