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Rick Perry's Brain Drain

by Randi Rhodes posted Nov 10 2011 2:49PM
Has anyone else noticed that the Republican debates are the best guilty-pleasure reality TV show on the air? I know this much—nothing anybody has ever done on The Jersey Shore or any season of The Real World was quite as painful to watch as Rick Perry’s meltdown last night. And I’ve never seen even any of those women on a Real Housewives show say anything quite as catty as Herman Cain calling Nancy Pelosi “Princess Nancy.”

That's right, Cain unbeivably called Nancy Pelosi “Princess Nancy” during the debate. That shows that Herman Cain does not understand the severity of the situation he is in. Well, add that to the list of things that Herman Cain does not understand—somewhere between the Palestinian “right of return” and “no.”

The audience actually booed any attempt to ask Herman Cain any question about the charges against him. Sad, but it’s even sadder that that’s far from being the saddest thing these Republican debate audiences have done. Herman actually said that for every person who comes forward to say he sexually harassed them, “there are thousands who would say none of that sort of activity ever came from Herman Cain.” What are you saying, Herman? That people don’t really know you?

Rick Perry stumbled badly on a question last night. Very badly. It could have been worse… if at the end of it, Perry’s pants fell down to around his ankles, he tried to take a step, and did a pants-down swan dive into the front row.  But that’s the only way. Perry couldn’t remember the third of three federal agencies he wants to ax. I guess my first question would be, how do you have a brain freeze when you don’t have a brain? For the record, Rick Perry wants to cut the departments of Education, Commerce, and Energy. He couldn’t think of the Department of Energy. In terms of irony, it probably would have been worse if he couldn’t think of Education. At the end of his debacle, Rick Perry just said “Oops.” It was simultaneously the worst thing he could have said… and the only thing he could have said. Now Rick Perry doesn’t look qualified to be in the White House. He doesn’t look qualified to be in the eighth grade. The only upside for Rick Perry is that this will probably make people forget his lousy performances in the previous debates.

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11/10/2011 2:53PM
Rick Perry's Brain Drain
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