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Replay: Confessoins of a Wanna Be Radio Wife

by J'Nara Corbin posted May 3 2012 1:48PM
Last Thursday Night’s show started with a bang! An intimate group of friends, including celebrity stylist Damion West and myself, had just wrapped up a birthday day celebration for the man of the hour, Clay Cane. Great dinner conversation and even better wine played a key part in the loose lips and thick tongues we brought onto the airwaves at 11pm EST—we were all the way live!

As we all know, the core of most conversations lead down one of three roads: Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, or relationship dilemmas. Seeing that some are taking a break from Michael (may he rest in peace) and most need a break from Beyoncé (wishing she would simply stay at home and rest with Baby Blue), our conversation whipped around to love. The great relationship debate followed us into the sound booth and we all took turns sharing stories and lessons learned over the course of our relatively short life spans, yet long and arduous dating lives.

Loyal Clay Cane Live listeners and poor souls polite enough to ask me the routine yet rhetorical “How are you doing?” know that I am on an ongoing quest to find my “first husband.” Whenever in the presence of an individual saddled with the status of married, divorced, “settled into something” or still looking, I bend their ears and pick their brain about the: “Why haven’t I landed an everlasting love?” Clearly, I am not the only lovelorn lady wandering around in dizzying circles of “not quite right” relationships.

The box office hit "Think Like a Man" proves my point with the millions of women who are seeking any form of higher learning in the game of love. Steve Harvey offers up the 90-day rule (no sex for three months) as one way of finding our “happily ever after.” Tyler Perry films, whether he is in or out of drag, all share a reccurring theme, as Clay explains, “If you find Jesus, you will lose weight and land a man!”

We could all get lost in a mountain of theories by stumbling into the relationship section of any Barnes and Noble. I have some friends who frown upon my willingness to entertain the ideals of “false prophets of love" dolling out their “pearls of wisdom” on film or in books. I believe that knowledge is power, even if I simply discover that the advice given is not my cup of tea and will not work for me, it is still a lesson learned.

What I have learned to be true is that you should not change the way you love. If you chose to dismiss Steve Harvey’s 90-day rule by throwing caution to the wind (along with your clothes to the floor) after having spent an amazing nine hours with Mr. Right Now, do you. If Tyler Perry's teachings are lost on you and the only time “religion” rolls off of your tongue is when you scream out “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph” while whirling around within the throws of passion, that’s just fine. As for me, I will continue to go into relationships with fingers crossed and the optimism that I already have all of the tools needed to build a solid partnership while holding on to my own belief that if there is a me, there has got to be a “He!”

Tune in tonight to Clay Cane Live and help Clay and I celebrate our six-month anniversary of being on the air. Talk about a perfect partnership: If only Mr. Cane were “buying” what I’m “selling”... it would be “ovah!”

Listen to me on Clay Cane Live, Thursday nights at 11 on WWRL AM 1600.  Follow me on Twitter @JNarastar.
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05/03/2012 1:55PM
Replay: Confessoins of a Wanna Be Radio Wife
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