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Reefer Madness

by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 10 2013 10:43AM

Jurors can be told that Trayvon Martin had small amounts of marijuana in his system at the time of the murder. It’s all part of a grand defense strategy to turn the trial of George Zimmerman into the trial of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s lawyers claim that Trayvon’s judgment may have been impaired on the night of the shooting. That seems to be a moot point, since it seems nothing he could have done would have stopped George Zimmerman from hunting down and killing him. Trayvon could have been sober for life, high on pot, pills, booze, or on a week-long meth binge, and George Zimmerman would still have shot him to death. It wasn’t the trace amounts of THC in Trayvon Martin’s bloodstream that bothered George Zimmerman—it was the extra melanin in his skin cells.

Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara says that even small amounts of marijuana can lead to violent behavior. Marijuana does not lead to violence. It leads to giggling, snacking, and napping... usually in that order. The only sense in which a pot smoker gets violent is when you hear one of them say “Dude, I really f***ed up that bag of potato chips!”

So Zimmerman’s lawyers say that Martin was stoned. They’re saying that a teenage boy significantly smaller than George Zimmerman and who was high on pot got the best of George in a fight. Congratulations, George—you just got beat up by Jeff Spicoli. It’s a good thing Harold and Kumar weren’t there—Zimmerman would have been outnumbered and overwhelmed! They would have chopped George Zimmerman to pieces with hatchets… like pot addicts always do. No, pot just makes people befuddled, confused, and unaware of the facts… or exactly what George Zimmerman’s lawyers are trying to do to the jury. Maybe they should pass around a couple of joints.

Zimmerman’s lawyer also says that even if he is not convicted “my client will never be safe.” Your client hunted down and shot a harmless kid. If he is out on the streets, it’s not his safety that I’m worried about! If your client is declared not guilty and is roaming the streets again with his gun and his now-reinforced delusions, then nobody is safe.

The defense wants to introduce a computer animation it had done of George Zimmerman’s version of events. So far this week we’ve had marijuana and computer animation. Where are the Doritos? This is nothing but an animation of the story that George Zimmerman made up about what happened. George should at least get a screenwriting credit for this movie. And it should have a disclaimer saying “Any similarity between the characters and events portrayed here and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.”

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07/10/2013 11:00AM
Reefer Madness
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07/22/2013 3:45AM
If the story was the same the outcome would be the same
The only reason trayvon martin was shot is that he was smashing george zimmerman's head into the sidewalk. Zimmerman didnt originally pull out the firearm because he didnt think it was a necessity due to the fact that it started as a verbal argument.
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