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Randi Rhodes blog: Tea Revival

by Randi Rhodes posted Jun 20 2013 5:15PM

Yesterday Iowa Republican Steve King held an anti-immigration rally that attracted every bagger nut-bag for miles around. They were swarming like flies on honey... or flies on something more appropriate to what the Tea Party is all about. King is looking to stall and eventually kill immigration reform. That could kill the GOP, but the Tea Party doesn’t care—that’s what they want. They’ll skin the corpse of the GOP and wear the skin.

Every lunatic Republican in Congress spoke at the Tea Party rallies. It was like “We Are the World” except for people who live in their own little world. The rallies featured Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, and Glenn Beck. Wait a minute—if they’re all at the rally, who’s driving the Crazy Train? Oh, that’s right—nobody has to drive the Crazy Train—it’s supposed to go off the rails!

While Steve King held his immigrant-bashing fest on one side of the Capitol, the other side featured an anti-IRS Tea Party rally. It was like a conservative Lollapalooza with multiple stages! The big message at the anti-IRS rally was “Abolish the IRS.” It might as well have been “Abolish the USA.” The IRS is how our nation takes in the money necessary for it to function. Saying that America should abolish the IRS is like saying that your body should eliminate the digestive system.

Without a means to take in revenue, America would wither and die. Not just the American government, as Ted Cruz and his Tea Party brethren seem to think—America itself would crumble. America would revert to a chaotic group of competing states like we were just after gaining our independence. For people who claim to love the Constitution, the Tea Party crowd sure seems to prefer the Articles of Confederation.

Georgia Republican Phil Gingrey said we should make little children take classes in traditional gender roles. I assume that the little girls would not be allowed to speak in these classes. Maybe the little girls could spend their class time fixing sandwiches and drinks for the little boys’ classes. Gingrey was speaking in support of the Defense of Marriage Act. It seems that Phil is not satisfied with just the Defense of Marriage Act. He wants the Defense of Marriage Circa 1950 Act.

We lost Sopranos star James Gandolfini, who was only 51 years old. His death was sudden and unexpected... kind of like the ending moments of The Sopranos. Both of those are going to stick with us. Goodbye, James.

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06/20/2013 5:47PM
Randi Rhodes blog: Tea Revival
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