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Randi Rhodes blog: Gone Fishin'

by Randi Rhodes posted Jun 17 2013 6:35PM


It seems that everybody wants to know what’s been going on at the NSA. Everybody, that is, except for 53 US Senators. Last week Senators were given a briefing by high-ranking intelligence officials about the surveillance programs. Only 47 Senators showed up. That’s not even half—and as we all know, it actually takes 60 Senators to do anything at all. 

Well, Dick Cheney is all for spying—but then that’s no surprise, coming from a man who likes to spend “time in the shadows,” if you will. Cheney called Edward Snowden a traitor who might be working for China. Under Dick Cheney, we sent countless jobs to China, and our debt to them skyrocketed. If China wants someone who really works for their interests they couldn’t do better than Dick Cheney. 

Even as the NSA scandal continues to play out, the bogus IRS “scandal” is pretty much already played out. Republicans have been unable to find any evidence to support their allegations that the White House was involved in IRS targeting of conservative groups. So they just decided to pretend that their allegations were facts. 

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck is telling his listeners that this time we really are at the end times. The amazing thing is how a person so shallow can still go off the deep end. Beck told his staff and listeners “we are at the end.” It’s not clear if Glenn has gone completely insane, or if he’s just doing a paid tie-in to the new Seth Rogan/James Franco movie “This Is the End.” I don’t know if the movie is funny, but it can’t possibly be as funny as Glenn Beck. 

Uh oh! We have another incoherent and rambling response to a question by a beauty queen. This time Miss Utah was asked a question about... well, it doesn’t really matter what the question was about, does it? The question was about gender income disparity. The answer was about... about 30 seconds. The answer started out about education, veered wildly into job creation, and touched on men for a moment before climaxing with “we need to see how to create education better.” I couldn’t say it more gooder me self.

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06/17/2013 6:37PM
Randi Rhodes blog: Gone Fishin'
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