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Randi Rhodes blog: GOP War on Government

by Randi Rhodes posted Jun 14 2013 3:07PM

Tea Party senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) says that “restoring faith in government” is “the wrong solution.” Well then by all means, keep talking, Senator. Instead, Johnson says “we need to engender that healthy distrust, that healthy distrust that our Founders found with government.” Is Ron Johnson aware that our Founders didn’t found a corporation? They founded a government. The Founders didn’t mistrust government. Most of our Founders gladly took important posts in the government that they created. The difference between the Founders and Ron Johnson is that the Founders weren’t working to undermine the government.

Our Founders didn’t mistrust government. They realized that government has a function but that it needs to be carefully monitored and regulated… kind of like how they felt about firearms. But then that’s lost on these idiots as well. If our Founders hated the idea of government, they had an entire continent full of people living in tribal societies that they could have fled to. But then John Adams never chucked it all to go the Great Plains and hunt buffalo from horseback, did he?

US intelligence agencies routinely swap data with thousands of private firms. Hardware and software makers, banks, and internet security firms all provide our spy agencies with data and equipment specifications that help them infiltrate foreign computers. The spy agencies are corporate-assisted hackers! It would be like spy agencies trying to gain access to your home… with the help of your home security provider and the company who made the locks on your doors.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) says that the surveillance programs that have been exposed are “just the tip of the iceberg.” And if you want to see the rest of it, you have to enter some pretty icy waters. House lawmakers were briefed by intelligence officials about the surveillance programs. The good news is that, as far as we know, nobody left the meeting and immediately cancelled their internet and cell phone service.

Congresswoman Sanchez said of the spying “I think it’s just broader than most people even realize.” Let’s just hope that it’s not any broader than a lot of people fear. According to Sanchez, the scope of the surveillance “astounded most of us.” Yes, unfortunately, the reaction of some of them will be just to hit up Booz Allen for campaign contributions.

Finally, in Texas, students are being sent to jail for skipping school. Some school officials say that the prosecutions have helped improve attendance. Yes. So would executing a few offenders and posting their heads on pikes outside the school. But then I shouldn’t be giving Texas ideas.

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06/14/2013 3:10PM
Randi Rhodes blog: GOP War on Government
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