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Randi Rhodes blog - GOP Akin'd

by Randi Rhodes posted Aug 22 2012 4:38PM

Todd Akin isn’t going anywhere. And it’s looking increasingly likely that neither is the Democratic majority in the Senate. Mitt Romney specifically called on Akin to resign... two days after the controversy erupted, after everybody except Akin’s wife has already called on him to resign, and only in a written statement. Does Mitt expect the hardcore religious conservatives in the Republican Party to do his bidding? I think you’ve got that backwards, Mitt. Hey Republicans, that’s what you get when you nurture a bunch of mean, selfish, and combative politicians. Now they won’t even listen to you.

Todd Akin said that Mitt Romney exploited the controversy over the rape remarks for his own political gain. Hello! Mitt Romney would exploit anything this side of an actual rape for his own political gain. Akin asked if Romney “may have bid this thing up and made a bigger deal about it than he needed to.” Todd, you’re lucky Romney didn’t take a bunch of other clips of you speaking and edit them out of context.

Paul Ryan is desperately trying to distance himself from Todd Akin, which is pretty hard to do when you are conjoined twins. It’s hard to run away when you’re joined at the hip. When asked about the bill that he and Todd Akin sponsored that used the term “forcible rape,” Paul Ryan just kept repeating “Rape is rape.” What he didn’t mention was that he still would force a woman to bear the child of a rapist. Paul Ryan is Paul Ryan. The “Rape is rape” answer is a direct quote of what President Obama said two days ago. I don’t think Ryan has come around to Obama’s way of thinking. But he has enough common sense to mimic his way of talking.

Yesterday, when they weren’t trying to force their embarrassing “legitimate rape” candidate out of the race, Republicans were busy creating a party platform that called for a ban on abortion... with no exception for rape or incest. You can’t say the kinds of things that Todd Akin said! You are, however, allowed to write them into your party’s official platform. No wonder the Republicans don’t want Todd Akin out there embarrassing them—they know that they’re perfectly capable of embarrassing themselves on their own. Democrats are calling the abortion plank “The Akin Plank.” And they plan on spending the next couple of months forcing Mitt Romney to walk that plank.

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08/22/2012 4:39PM
Randi Rhodes blog - GOP Akin'd
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