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Randi Rhodes Blog: Home Grown Hate

by Randi Rhodes posted Aug 7 2012 6:33PM

The shooter in the Sikh temple shootings in Wisconsin has turned out to be affiliated with the neo-Nazi community. So I guess we won’t be seeing a bunch of interviews with his friends saying what a nice and normal guy he was. Now we just wait for Louie Gohmert to say that this would never have happened if the people attending services at the temple were all carrying guns.

Do you think there’s nothing more un-American than Republicans trying to suppress the vote? Well, Republicans came up with something—hiding behind our soldiers when they try to do it. This year in Ohio, Republican lawmakers eliminated early voting in the last three days before the election. The early voting elimination didn’t apply to current members of the military, because there is a federal law covering that. The Obama campaign sued to have early voting restored to all Ohioans. The Romney campaign tried to make it seem like Obama was trying to take early voting away from military personnel! The Obama lawsuit plainly states “Plaintiffs bring this lawsuit to restore in-person early voting for all Ohioans during the three days prior to Election Day.” It’s hard to twist that around. Give it to Mitt Romney—he never picks the easy lies.

Obama is trying to get voting rights for all Ohioans... including current members of the military. Romney is trying to deny voting rights to everyone else... including former members of the military. The Republican restrictions on voting apply to over 900,000 veterans in Ohio. Veterans in Ohio have the same voting rights as any other citizen—which means as few voting rights as Republican politicians can get away with giving them. Republicans don’t like early voting. They don’t have a problem with the “early” part as much as they have a problem with the “voting” part.

Harry Reid says that Mitt Romney may not have paid any taxes at all for 10 years. Mitt responds that he paid “a lot of taxes.” He actually repeated the phrase “a lot of taxes” for emphasis. When Mitt Romney tells you something twice, you know that there’s something else he REALLY doesn’t want you to know.

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08/07/2012 6:38PM
Randi Rhodes Blog: Home Grown Hate
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