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by Randi Rhodes posted Aug 23 2012 5:27PM

A judge is Texas is warning of possible “civil war” if Obama is reelected. Are you sure you guys down there can handle another civil war? From what I see, you’re still fighting the last Civil War. Texas Judge Tom Head warned of “Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war, maybe” if Obama wins. And this guy is a judge! I wouldn’t trust him as a judge in a livestock show. Head said that President Obama will hand US sovereignty over to the United Nations, who will send in UN peacekeeping forces. Wow. This guy is either going to end up in a mental institution, or on the Texas Supreme Court.

Todd Akin’s insane views about rape and women’s bodies are derived from the “work” of one Dr. John Wilke.  Dr. Wilke is the source of the belief that women’s bodies can somehow “shut down” the chance of pregnancy after a rape. They teach that in medical school, right after the part about curing diseases caused by witchcraft and voodoo. Dr. Wilke says Romney recently told him that “they agree on almost everything,” and he was even an official Romney surrogate in 2008. Of course! The Romney campaign has spent years going around the country and harvesting nuts like this... you're just not supposed to know about it.

Mitt Romney has laid out an energy plan that he says will make us energy independent within 8 years... with more oil drilling. Right, Mitt. We couldn’t do that if we make Saudi Arabia the 51st state. Mitt’s plan is basically nothing but drilling for oil. To be fair, that approach did work in the 80’s... the 1880’s. Oh, Mitt also says his plan will also create 3 million jobs and $1 trillion in government revenue! What’s next, Mitt? Will it stop hair loss? Mitt’s plan has no chance whatsoever of generating more energy. But then its real purpose is to generate more donations from the energy industry.  

Romney’s campaign is out with a new ad called “Nothing’s Free” that says “Some think Obamacare is the same as free health care.” Actually, we don’t. But we do know that, for many, the alternative to Obamacare is no healthcare. According to the ad “The Romney/Ryan plan will restore Medicare funding, and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation.” If you believe that, I’ve got a voucher for a bridge that I would like to sell you.

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08/23/2012 5:44PM
Randi Rhodes Blog - Neo Con(federate)
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08/24/2012 8:34AM
The Confederacy and Energy
The Confederacy: The Republican party has degenerated into ultraconservative party being controlled by large corporation for their own reasons having no connections with American citizens. They want a Fascist State that thy control. They use the "Take America Back." as the war cry of the uninformed, bible thumping "patriots" who long for the better "Good old days.". You just seem to find more of those gullible people in the old Confederacy. But hold on, we got plenty of that up north also. They vote for people who will take the food off their tables who will wrap themselves in the American flag and make the promise of delivering those "Good old days" while stealing from them. Pres. Obama has done more under very difficult circumstances than just about ANY modern President. Not even Pres. Clinton had such a mess to deal with. Yet, with some much accomplished, the Dems have kept that all a secret. That is the shame of it all and gives Romney a leg up. If, God forgive, Romney wins he will benefit from all the work that Pres. Obama had done and claim it as his own. Energy: Pres. Obama is responsible the the digging of new oil wells than any President ins modern times including Pres. Reagan. The policies of Pres. Obama has put us on the road to energy independence and can have us there before 2020 as being promised by Romney and company and with alternate forms of energy that will not roast our planet. That also includes an improved delivery system which we desperately meed or what good is it to produce more electricity, for example if you can't get it from one place to another. Here to it's a secret. If all the good that has been already done which pales anything done or being promised my Romney is unknown by the people and they stay uninformed then the ultraconservative hell will come down upon us all and the fault for that will be ours. We would have been out smarted buy those who want us to become a Fascist state using un-informed day dreaming people you speak of as a vehicle. We need to do MUCH better.
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