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Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: World Stage Ready

by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 25 2012 5:28PM

President Obama addressed the United Nations today, which is a good time to remind yourself how you would feel if that sentence read “President Romney addressed the United Nations today.” If Mitt Romney were president and was addressing the United Nations, the first thing you would feel would be worry, and the second would be embarrassment. To Mitt Romney, the rest of the world is either a place to hide money, or a place to threaten so that you can sound tough to your base. Romney can’t even go to the Olympics as a private citizen without causing an international incident. Do you really want him going to the UN as our president?

President Obama told the United Nations that time for diplomacy on Iran’s nuclear program is running out. And if Mitt Romney becomes president, there’s no time for diplomacy at all. Obama said “the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.” But if it’s up to Romney, he won’t do what we have to do—he’ll do what he’s told to do, by neocon nutcases. Addressing the unrest in the Arab world, the President said “we must speak honestly about the deeper causes of this crisis.” You know that’s going to set the Republicans off. If there’s anything they absolutely refuse to deal with, it’s any deeper cause of anything. Republicans prefer to deal with the surface of things. That’s why their candidate is an empty haircut like Mitt Romney.

Mitt was criticizing the President’s address at the UN before he gave it. What do you expect from somebody who criticized our embassy staff in Cairo at the same time they were being besieged by a hostile mob? The Romney campaign said “On the eve of his United Nations address, President Obama's foreign policy is in disarray.” A little advice, Mitt—avoid the term “disarray.” It reminds people of your campaign. Romney's campaign added, “As president, Mitt Romney will repair our relationships abroad.” Mitt doesn’t even have a friendly relationship with the people in his own party. Mitt, you don’t have any hopes of pacifying the world if you can’t even pacify Peggy Noonan.

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09/25/2012 5:29PM
Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: World Stage Ready
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