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Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Pants on Fire

by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 4 2012 5:24PM

This debate performance will make a lot of people take a second look at Mitt Romney. That’s not necesarily a good thing for Mitt—the closer people look at him, the less they like. Mitt got good reviews, but we have to wait for what President Obama said to sink in, and for what Mitt Romney said to sink, period. Mitt Romney seems to be an experiment in just how far a complete fraud can go. I thought we settled that with George W. Bush—and the scary part about that experiment was that the answer was “two terms as president.”

Most of what Mitt Romney said last night has already been contradicted—sometimes by Democrats, sometime by Mitt’s own staff, and always by the facts. If Obama’s strategy was questionable, at least his facts were not. You can certainly question Obama’s approach, but you can’t question what he said. You can and should question every statement Mitt Romney made.

Mitt claims that his $5 trillion tax cut would be paid for by the extra earnings resulting from robust growth. In other words, for his plan to work, it has to succeed beyond anybody’s wildest expectations. I don’t think you get it, Mitt—the plan is supposed to be the thing that makes everything better. It shouldn’t be dependent on everything getting better before it will work.

The only thing that made Mitt Romney’s lies about his tax plan look small were Mitt’s lies about healthcare. Mitt said his plan would cover people with preexisting conditions. Yes... as long as they also have preexisting health insurance. Mitt’s plan doesn’t provide coverage for people who have lost their insurance. I’m not an expert, but aren’t those the people who need insurance? Mitt kept saying that he wants the individual states to do for healthcare what he did in Massachusetts. There’s a brilliant idea! Why accomplish something by doing it once when you can get it done by doing it 50 times?

We know one thing from last night’s debate—if Mitt Romney wins, Big Bird is fricassee. Come on, Mitt! Sesame Street teaches kids to count. Hey! Maybe that’s why Mitt Romney doesn’t like it.

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10/04/2012 5:28PM
Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Pants on Fire
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