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Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: No Time for Math

by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 1 2012 6:38PM

When asked this weekend for specifics about Mitt Romney’s tax plan, Paul Ryan said “It would take me too long to go through all of the math.” How about just a summary, Paul? Something along the lines of “the middle class is screwed.” Do you know what this kind of “no details” crap is doing to your campaign, Paul? Romney is down by 9 points in Ohio. There’s a little math that doesn’t take long at all to explain.

This weekend Chris Christie was saying that only losing candidates blame the media... while Paul Ryan was blaming the media. Paul Ryan needs to try to stay on the same page as Chris Christie. That should be easy, Paul—it’s the page with all of the food stains on it. We’re used to people in the Romney campaign contradicting each other, but usually it’s Mitt Romney contradicting Mitt Romney.  

Christie also says that Mitt is going to turn this thing around, big time, at Wednesday’s debate. There’s a chance of that—if Mitt is half as good at flipping the narrative as he is at flipping his positions. Christie said “Come Thursday morning the entire narrative of this race is going to change.” Will the entire narrative change? Maybe, but it could just as easily change from “Mitt is losing” to “Mitt has lost it.”

There are several ways that Mitt Romney can win the debate, but most of them involve President Obama showing up wearing a dress. We know one thing for sure—Mitt isn’t going to throw a bunch of facts and figures at Obama. Those are two things that Mitt always avoids.
Ann Romney said her biggest concern if Mitt actually wins is “for his mental well-being.” Ann, if Mitt is elected, I’m worried about the mental well-being of everyone in this country. If Mitt Romney is elected, there won’t be a vacant psychiatrist’s couch in America. Ann did add “I have all the confidence in the world in his ability, in his decisiveness, in his leadership skills, in his understanding of the economy.” So… you’re saying he would be a great president, it’s just that he’s going to cover all the walls of the Oval Office with tin foil to stop the voices.

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10/01/2012 6:40PM
Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: No Time for Math
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