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Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Never Forget

by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 11 2012 5:29PM

The anniversary of 9/11 is a good time to remember that there are things that the government not only should do, but must do. We need a president who won’t ignore the warning signs of an event like 9/11. Mitt Romney didn’t even see Clint Eastwood coming. Think about it—Mitt didn’t even have a firm grip on what he was putting out on national television moments before the biggest speech of his life. I don’t trust him to know what’s going on in caves in Pakistan. I don’t think Mitt would do very well finding out what the terrorists are up to. Mitt’s specialty is keeping his own secrets, not finding out other people’s secrets. But on the other hand, Mitt might get lucky if the terrorists are hiding their plans in the same exotic foreign locales that Mitt is hiding his money. If there is a terrorist cell in the Cayman Islands, you can be sure that Mitt Romney will smoke it out.

George Bush did not keep us safe... despite the History of the Bush Administration as presented by Jeb Bush during the RNC. Bush did manage to prevent a second attack on the scale of 9/11, but that evidently took all of the watchfulness he had. Then he let the biggest economic catastrophe since the Great Depression sneak up on him. George Bush wasn’t good with warning signs. That’s odd, since the fact that George Bush was in charge was the biggest warning sign of all that things could go terribly wrong.

The Wall Street journal is saying that Mitt Romney is too vague about everything. Gee, I hope they’re not waiting for a definitive response. Of course Mitt Romney won’t explain the substance of his agenda—he knows that it’s a politically toxic substance. Other rightwing outlets are also pushing Romney to provide more details of his plan. Part of that is that they don’t think Romney can win if he doesn’t. And part of that is that Romney’s slimy-ness is just annoying to everybody. Conservatives are just as fed up with Mitt Romney as anybody else is—more-so, in fact. They’re more fed up because they’re the ones who have to swallow this loser. If you think that it’s frustrating running against a slimeball like Mitt Romney, imagine how frustrating it must be to have a slimeball like Mitt as your nominee!

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09/11/2012 5:35PM
Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Never Forget
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