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Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Mitt's Bad Americans

by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 18 2012 4:58PM

In the immortal word of Rick Perry: “Oops.” I’ve got to give Mitt Romney credit—he is certainly making this race interesting. Not interesting in the sense of who is going to win—that’s more obvious than ever—just interesting in terms of the process. I would describe this as the final nail in the Romney campaign’s coffin, but at this point that coffin has been nailed, bolted, and cemented shut. It’s been wrapped in chains and dropped into the East River like it’s part of some David Blaine escape stunt. How bad is it? There is a chance that Mitt Romney might just release his tax returns in order to provide a distraction.

If you haven’t heard, Mitt Romney got caught on videotape at a gathering of rich donors saying some very stupid things. I know your next question, and yes, they were stupider than the things he routinely says when he knows cameras are on. Mitt said that 47 percent of Americans are leeches who are dependent on the government. Then he said “And so my job is not to worry about those people.” Don’t worry, Mitt—you’re not going to be getting the job you’re talking about! And now the black heart of the matter—Mitt says “I’ll never convince them – they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Wow. Half of Americans won’t take personal responsibility for their lives. We must be the most dysfunctional society in the history of the earth. A nation where half the population is a bunch of whining freeloaders! Mitt, why would you want to be the president of such a den of rogues? And you can tell the ones who won’t take “personal responsibility” for their lives—they’re the ones who aren’t rich. You would think that they would catch on!

The video was shot this May at the Boca Raton home of billionaire Marc Leder, at a $50,000-per-person fundraiser. Hey, for only $50,000 you can witness the incident that finally sinks the Romney campaign! The best part of the video is that Mitt is making derisive comments about most working Americans, while in the foreground of the hidden camera you can see harried waiters and serving staff bustling around in the galley. While Mitt is saying these people want the government to provide them with everything, they’re scurrying around his little audience of fat cats providing them with all their food and drink needs. “These parasites won’t take personal responsibility for their own lives! Hey you, could we get some more cognac and caviar over here?”

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09/18/2012 4:56PM
Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Mitt's Bad Americans
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