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Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Fight Night

by Randi Rhodes posted Oct 3 2012 5:37PM

It’s debate day—but don’t get too excited. And yes, I’m talking to you, Mitt Romney. Sometimes a debate can be a game-changer. But this election, the Republicans’ problem isn’t the game—it’s the team that they’ve fielded. There has never been a debate that’s been a team-changer.

While Democrats are succeeding in getting more people to vote for President Obama, Republicans are failing in their efforts to get fewer people to vote, period. A judge has blocked the harsh Pennsylvania vote ID law. Now if Republicans in Pennsylvania want to block access to the polls, they’ll have to physically surround them with barbed wire. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t give them ideas.

Tucker Carlson is breathlessly promoting a “bombshell” video from 2007, which has been available to anyone since 2007. It’s just that this is the first time since then that anyone has been desperate enough to use this as a weapon in the campaign. Tucker claims the tape is shows Obama speaking in a “phony” black vernacular meant to be “racially divisive.” Racially divisive? In the words of Bill Clinton “It takes brass to attack a guy for what you did.” Or for that matter, to attack a guy for what you’re doing while attacking him. Obama is addressing the Hampton University Annual Ministers Conference. The audience is primarily black, and primarily ministers. But notice that Carlson doesn’t accuse Obama of talking like a minister. Obama is speaking more informally than he would in a State of the Union speech. But nobody ever accused Ronald Reagan of being divisive when he would go into on his “folksy old Midwestern uncle” routine. Was George Bush being divisive when he talked like a dimwitted good ole boy? No. He was being authentic.

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and the Drudge Report were all relentlessly promoting the tape of the speech as big news. But all the rightwing hype on the speech fell totally flat. It’s not just that these guys were flogging a dead horse—they were flogging a horse that had been dead since 2007. That’s a very dead horse. Once again, the rightwing tries to embarrass Obama, and merely succeeds in embarrassing themselves.

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10/03/2012 5:37PM
Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Fight Night
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