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Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Denial

by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 28 2012 4:40PM

The rightwing pundits want you to believe that liberals are using 'skewed polls' as a means of voter suppression. Liberals aren’t idiots. If they wanted voter suppression, they’d do it the effective way—the way conservatives are doing it.

The latest news is that President Obama is still leading in all of the new swing state polls—or for the rightwing pundits, reality still isn’t right. Obama is narrowly leading in Nevada and North Carolina. If this game was fixed, wouldn’t he be leading by a more comfortable margin? Or don’t the rightwingers think that the left wing could lie as effectively as they do?  

Another new poll shows that Jewish voters support Obama by better than two-to-one over Romney. There is no way a self-respecting Jew is going to support Mitt Romney. They deal with enough guilt trips from their mothers. They don’t need to live with the fact that they voted for Romney.

Arch-conservative Charles Krauthammer seems to think that Mitt Romney would win if he was talking about “the big stuff: Medicare, entitlements, tax reform...” Charles, Mitt did discuss the big stuff in exactly the kind of conservative terms that you want. The problem is that someone recorded what he said and Mother Jones magazine released the tape.

Mitt Romney is trying to lower expectations for his performance in the debate. Don’t worry, Mitt—if there is one problem you are not going to face from here on out, it’s that expectations for you are going to be too high.

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09/28/2012 4:40PM
Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Denial
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