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Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: BS Bluster

by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 14 2012 4:21PM

Romney adviser Richard Williamson said that the attack on our consulate in Libya would not have taken place if Mitt Romney were president. No, if Mitt Romney were president, our diplomats would already have been chased out of most countries across the globe. And I include Great Britain in that. They’re still pissed about Mitt’s Olympics comments.

Romney advisor Lanhee Chen admitted that the Romney campaign pounced on the Cairo embassy statement because it fit their “narrative.” Chen said “We’ve had this consistent critique and narrative on Obama’s foreign policy, and we felt this was a situation that met our critique.” Amazing! What Chen is essentially saying is that “here we had a situation where we were convinced that the fantasy world we created had actually intersected briefly with the real world.” The problem for the Romney people was that real world wasn’t nearly as close to their fantasy realm as they thought. The intersection with reality was just another of their fantasies.

Very few Republicans have publicly supported Mitt Romney in this latest fiasco, but at least Todd Akin has his back.  Of course, Mitt doesn’t want Todd Akin anywhere near him, front OR back. That’s the current state of the Republican Party—the only people who aren’t embarrassed to be associated with Mitt Romney are the people that Mitt Romney is embarrassed to be associated with.

Now the rightwing echo machine is trying to spread the lie that Marines at the Cairo embassy were not allowed to carry live ammunition. The lie has been repeated so much that the Marines had to issue a statement debunking it. They do have better things to do, you know. I want the US Marines armed AND available to respond to threats. I don’t want them wasting their time responding to lies on Fox News. Even after the Marine Corps refuted the rumor, it still was repeated on Fox News. Fox News is where all rightwing lies head towards, just as surely as everything you swallow eventually ends up in your lower colon.

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09/14/2012 4:20PM
Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: BS Bluster
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