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Randi Rhodes (@RandiRadio) blog: FLOTUS Power!

by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 5 2012 5:43PM

Now that’s a convention! That could make people forget all about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s speeches, which is perhaps the best news possible for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. The Democrats made excellent use of real people showing the real life benefits of Obama’s policies. A woman named Stacy Lihn explained how Obamacare saved her daughter, Zoe, who was born with a serious heart condition that requires multiple heart surgeries... or as Republicans call it—“freeloading.”

It was quite a night. Mitt Romney got his ass kicked... by a man who’s been dead for over three years. They showed highlights of Ted Kennedy’s 1994 debate against Mitt Romney. Ted is still a star at Democratic convention over three years after his death. He’s the Tupac Shakur of liberal politicians.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro got the same keynote speaking slot that Barack Obama got back in 2004. Talk about pressure! That’s like taking over the Beatles’ Saturday night gig at the Cavern Club. Julian Castro has a twin brother. If he does end up someday becoming a successful president, that would be an innovative way around the two-term presidential limit. Castro said “the American dream is not a sprint, or even a marathon, but a relay.” Not according to Mitt Romney—according to Mitt, it’s a million-dollar dancing dressage horse.

The night’s big draw, Michelle Obama, chose to go sleeveless. Wow. I didn’t expect to tune in the Democratic convention and see a gun show! Michelle Obama proved that it’s possible to appeal to women without yelling “I love you women!” You don’t have to yell if you’re just telling them the truth.  Michelle said Barack believes that when you go through the “doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you.” But Mitt Romney didn’t really go through the doorway of opportunity—he was born on the other side of it. By the way, Michelle’s speech generated tweets at twice the rate that Mitt Romney’s did. But to be fair, I bet Mitt would have generated even more tweets than Michelle if he had chosen to go sleeveless.

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09/05/2012 5:47PM
Randi Rhodes (@RandiRadio) blog: FLOTUS Power!
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09/06/2012 6:53PM
Mrs. Obama, you are wonderful. You enhance your husband's presidency.I hope he wins again, and has the guts not to compromise with the peoplke whohim (all the Repyblicans0
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