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Race Matters

by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 18 2013 9:34AM

CNN has aired the second part of their interview with juror B37. She told CNN that she wanted to convict George Zimmerman of “not using his senses.” No sweetie, that’s what you are guilty of. The juror said of Zimmerman “He’ll never forget, but I hope he can.” Don’t worry—he doesn’t remember it the way it really happened any more than you do. I wish this woman would stop talking. She’s actually making me miss Mark O’Mara.

Four other jurors released a statement saying the opinions of Juror B37 “were her own, and not in any way representative” of theirs. Well, except for the unanimous agreement on that terrible verdict. Really, you four—if you wanted to draw a line between your opinions and those of Juror B37, the time was during jury deliberations, not after you screwed up the verdict.

Radio host Tom Joyner has offered to pay for Rachel Genteal to attend any historically black college or university. Maybe now some rightwing radio show host will step forward and offer George Zimmerman a full scholarship to Pat Robertson’s Regent University. He would be the Big Man on Campus!

The George Zimmerman trial was infused with race to such an extent that the people involved with it couldn’t see it. The fact that the jury came back with a not guilty verdict shows that the system is racist. The fact that that’s the only verdict they really could have come back with shows even more that the system is racist.

The problem for the prosecutors was that they weren’t used to a case where the black kid was the victim instead of the defendant. So then when the defense made Trayvon the defendant, it made perfect sense to them. The defense turned the tables on the prosecution, and all the prosecution could do was say “Oh yeah! That’s how the tables SHOULD be!”

Even Newt Gingrich feels that race “infects” our justice system. Of course, Newt’s alternative to putting large numbers of black kids in jail is to put all black kids to work as janitors.

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07/18/2013 9:56AM
Race Matters
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07/18/2013 6:57PM
Brion from cranford
Race matters
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