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RIP Rodney King

by Randi Rhodes posted Jun 18 2012 3:47PM
RIP, Rodney King. Though he was in the middle of an incident that brought out the worst in people, Rodney King let it bring out the best in him. There are people who spend their lives writing and making speeches who never come up something as simple, elegant, and appropriate as “Can we all get along?”

Obama’s move in changing immigration policy is brilliant politically. During the primaries, Mitt Romney staked out a position on immigration that was to the extreme right. He was getting ready to try and change his position on immigration for the general election. But this move by Obama essentially rips the Etch A Sketch right out of Mitt’s hands!

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney refuses to say whether or not he would overturn President Obama’s order on immigration enforcement. Mitt was dodging all the questions about immigration this weekend... on Face the Nation. You would think the name of the program would shame him into at least taking a stand. Mitt, there’s a reason they call it “Face the Nation” instead of “Pretend You Don’t See The Nation” or “Cross the Street To Avoid Running Into the Nation.”

Mitt was going crazy with weather metaphors during an Ohio leg of his bus tour that featured alternating rain and sunshine. It’s actually fitting that Mitt makes weather references. Mitt is a lot like a weatherman—he’s wrong most of the time.

The horse that Mitt Romney owns is going to the Olympics as part of the US Olympic dressage team. If you don’t know what dressage is, chances are you don’t own a lot of million-dollar horses. Part of dressage is a little in-place dance that the horses do called “piaffes.” I’m sorry, but if you’re doing “piaffes” in “dressage,” you’re not part of an athletic competition, you’re part of a Broadway musical. The Romneys claimed a $77,000 loss for the care of their dressage horse on their 2010 tax return. They do this ridiculous sport for fun. If Mitt Romney can write off the care of his dressage horse, I should be able to write off the money I spent on renting bowling shoes.

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06/18/2012 3:47PM
RIP Rodney King
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