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RIP, Madiba

by Randi Rhodes posted Dec 6 2013 5:02PM

Nelson Mandela has passed away, and people all over the world mourn...or pretend to mourn, for some people. At least we’ve come to a point where most people who really don’t like Mandela or what he did can’t be totally out front about how they feel. But Nelson Mandela was considered an enemy of the United States on one level or another up until as late as 2008. Ronald Reagan put Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress on the list of terrorist groups. I guess that who goes on your list of terrorists all depends on what terrifies you. What terrified Republicans like Ronald Reagan in the 80’s was the thought of a black-run South Africa. And those are the Americans today who are convinced that they’re being oppressed in a black-run America.

In 1985, Congressman Dick Cheney voted against a resolution urging that Mandela be released from jail. If you’re ever unsure about where the wrong side of history is, look for where Dick Cheney is. Dick Cheney said he doesn’t regret his repeated votes in 1986 against the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act which called for freeing Mandela and ending apartheid. I’m sure his only regret is that his opposition didn’t work.

Bill O’Reilly had a few words to say about Nelson Mandela... but most of those words were the word “communist.” Bill called Mandela a “communist” about half a dozen times in the space of a couple of breaths—and I think he was trying to eulogize the man! Usually Bill O’Reilly can be as ignorant as he wants to be, but he knew he had to rein it in when he was speaking about Mandela’s passing. Still, he couldn’t stop himself from saying “communist” like he had some weird kind of Leon Trotsky Tourette Syndrome.

Our guest today is Representative Jared Polis (D-CO), who loudly expressed his frustration with the Republican refusal to move forward on immigration reform on the House floor. In fairness to the Republicans, I don’t think they have a gear for “forward.” The Republican vehicle has 10 speeds in reverse and none for forward. The closest they can get is “park,” and that’s what they’ve done with immigration reform.

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President Obama elegantly honors Nelson Mandela...

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12/06/2013 4:59PM
RIP, Madiba
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