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by Randi Rhodes posted Jun 15 2012 5:35PM

President Obama has ordered his administration to stop deporting young immigrants who came here as young children and don’t pose a security threat. What is the rightwing spin on this one going to be? Obama is leaving us exposed to attack by 18-month old Guatemalans! This is going to outrage some people—and absolutely none of them would have voted for Obama anyway. The kind of person who would be enraged by this actually thinks that Barack Obama is an illegal immigrant himself.

The Republican House is stalling on a bipartisan, job-creating transportation bill already passed by the Senate. I think I know why House Republicans oppose it—it’s bipartisan, and it’s job-creating. So, a transportation bill that could provide 3 million jobs is sitting on Boehner’s desk. Great—even if he eventually does something with it, now it’s going to be all stained with merlot.

Will Mitt Romney’s success raising money from Wall Street types hurt him with regular people? You know Mitt never asks himself that question—to Mitt, the people on Wall Street ARE regular people. Mitt is not exactly Joe Sixpack. He’s more like Jacques Carafe of Cabernet.

At President Obama’s Ohio speech yesterday, Mitt Romney’s campaign bus kept circling the venue and honking. So Mitt sent his campaign bus to harass Obama. Hey, what’s he going to do? Barack Obama is too big for him have his buddies hold down while he gives him a haircut. Odd, that a man to whom social class is everything would have such little class. It’s actually worse when a rich, entitled person like Romney does this kind of stuff. When some regular schmuck does it, it’s because they think it’s not beneath them. When somebody like Mitt does it, it’s because they think they’re above everything.

Two weeks ago, the Romney campaign sent hecklers to drown out Obama campaign manager David Axelrod at an event.  The Obama campaign isn’t going to send hecklers to drown out Mitt, if only because there’s always a good chance that Mitt is going to say something that hurts himself anyway. They don’t want to drown Mitt out. They want him being heard as much as possible.

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06/15/2012 5:36PM
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