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by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 23 2013 11:16AM

Well, the House passed its kamikaze bill to either defund Obamacare or else defund the entire government. Now the House Tea Partiers say it’s up to the Senate to raise the ante of dumb and crazy. And that’s not likely in a chamber not controlled by the dumb and crazy party. Speaker John Boehner made the announcement behind a podium with a giant hashtag reading “#SenateMustAct”. It might as well have read “#EfYouTedCruz”.

Tea Party Republicans are angry at Ted Cruz. Tea Party House Republicans are mad at Ted Cruz for pushing them to pass a bill defunding Obamacare and then saying the Senate can’t do the same. Of course, that’s always been obvious to anybody with a brain… which may explain why it was such a shock to House Republicans.

John Boehner is whining that Obama won’t negotiate with him. White House spokesman Jay Carney joked that John Boehner might have “Putin envy.” Well, if you’re going to use “Putin” to mean that, John Boehner has no need to envy. Boehner is the biggest Putin in politics. With the bald head, Vladimir Putin looks more like a “Putin,” but Boehner acts like just as much of a Putin.

Yesterday the House Republicans passed a bill cutting food stamps by $40 billion. It was easy for them to do—it was like taking healthy food from a baby. The House had been threatening to pass this food stamp cut, just like they’re threatening to shut down the government. Yesterday they proved they’re mean. Today they proved they’re crazy too.

The bill includes work requirements for food stamps. Many of them are working! They just can’t afford food! There is also a provision to prevent lottery winners from getting food stamps. How many lottery winners are out there collecting food stamps? Or are they including anybody that ever wins $1 or $5 or another free scratch off ticket? Oh, and of course there’s a requirement that food stamp recipients be drug-tested. So don’t spend any of those food stamps on poppy-seed bagels! Under this bill, 4 million people would be removed from the food stamp program next year… and I don’t think that most of those 4 million are lottery winners.

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09/23/2013 11:18AM
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