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by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 2 2013 4:45PM

In North Carolina people have been staging protests against the Republican state government. The Republicans there have been doing everything they can to turn North Carolina into South Carolina. Every Monday there are peaceful but massive protests they call “Moral Mondays.” They want to reclaim North Carolina, and reclaim the word “moral” while they’re at it.

When oligarchies try to thwart the will of the people, the only way to fight back is using the will of the people. The powerful have never been able to ignore massive public demonstrations—and that was true for centuries before those demonstrations could be beamed around the world in an instant. Massive public outrage worked even back when news of the demonstrations had to be spread by broadsides instead of broadband. You can gerrymander all the voting districts in a state, but you can’t gerrymander a giant crowd.

On Sunday, Ohio passed some of the nation’s harshest anti-abortion measures—as part of a budget bill. I guess in this budget bill, Ohio Republicans wanted to make sure it was women who paid. The worst part was that Ohio Governor Kasich signed it at a photo-op surrounded by all male state officials. Are they trying to make these anti-abortion bill signings look even worse than they are? Because that’s impossible. I can’t really picture a female governor surrounded by women, signing a bill that mandates a colonoscopy for any man who wants a prescription for Viagra.

Ohio now has the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the country. You know what that means—your move, Texas! Texas is going to tell Ohio “We’ll see your mandatory ultrasounds… and raise you a bunch of clinic closings!” Texas has a big advantage in any race to the bottom—they start out a lot closer to the finish line.

Texas Republicans in the new special session of the state legislature are fast-tracking their anti-abortion bill. Republicans started working on passing the bill within an hour of the session convening. And this is a 30-day session, so don’t expect a filibuster. Nobody can talk for that long. Paula Deen couldn’t even apologize for that long. Anyone who disrupts the session from the gallery is being threatened with 48 hours in prison. There is no prison time for a Democratic lawmaker objecting from the floor… yet.

Finally, Republicans are trying to preemptively destroy Hillary Clinton by saying she is too old to be president. She’s not young, but she’s decades younger than the average Republican voter. Is that really the message that Republicans want to send to their elderly base? “Hillary can’t be president. Why, she’s almost as old as you!”

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07/02/2013 4:47PM
People Power
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