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Off the Deep End, Quickly

by Mark Riley posted Jul 19 2012 11:49AM

If the current rash of Republican nonsense lasts until November, we're all in the a most entertaining ride indeed. To recap the latest, Mitt Romney's top advisor John Sununu, who by the way was born in Cuba, says of Barack Obama, born in Hawaii, "I wish this president would learn how to be an American". Of course, he had to back off that one quickly. After all, anyone who can click on his Wikipedia page would know he was born in Havana, and is therefore a naturalized US citizen. 

No matter. Sununu can apologize, but the GOP has the crazed Maricopa, Arizona sheriff Joe Arapaio to pick up where he left off. Arapaio and some Insane Clown Posse he put together now profess to have proof that Barack Obama isn't a citizen at all. Something about codes, and a 95 year old guy they dredged up to buttress their wackiness. Never mind Sheriff Joe has some legal problems of his own, specifically a rash of lawsuits that say he eviscerated the rights of Latinos in his county the way most folks gut a a fish.

Then there's the Round Mound of Air Sound, Rush Limbaugh. He's living proof that when the right gets caught in a lie, more often than not they'll double down. After ranting about the villain in the new Batman movie, called Bane, and how that was done to impugn the integrity of Mitt Romney (Bain Capital, get it?), it was brought to his attention that the Bane character was created in 1993. So what does His Rushness do the next day? Make it all about him, and how many calls and e-mails he got on the subject. 

But the worst is for last, and this one something even the Republicans couldn't stomach. Rep. Michele Bachmann and a small group of her GOP House colleagues sent a letter to five federal agencies demanding investigations of a supposed plot to influence US foreign policy to favor the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups. The letter singled out Huma Abedin, former close aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and wife of former Congressman Anthony Weiner. This lunacy led Sen. John McCain top get on the floor of the Senate to condemn this McCarthy like witch hunt in the strongest terms. To date, Bachmann and her cronies have produced no evidence to support their charges, save some study by a conservative group that even McCain felt it necessary to call "scurrilous".

Taken separately, the above mentioned incidents might seem like isolated blips of individual delusion. Taken together, you've got to wonder if something else is going on here. Could it be a multifaceted attempt to divert attention from Mitt Romney's Bain and tax issues?

You tell me. You may already know what I think. 

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07/19/2012 11:49AM
Off the Deep End, Quickly
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07/21/2012 1:31PM
The Far Right
The Far Right is at it again. Even if people don't bother listening to Rush, Sununu is supposed to be a respectable voice of the Republican Party. But, what a crazy, horrible thing he said. I think that the craxzy far-right is trying to establish our president's "otherness". But, isn't Romney also and "other"? Michelle Bachman and her allies are trying to re-create the witchhunts of the 1600s of Salem, MA. Of course, this doesn't deserve an answer. But, even if you wanted to take it seriously, could Huma Abadin possibly be married to Anthony Weiner, if she were trying the Muslim Brotherhood????
07/26/2012 8:32AM
band of the soft drinls
I understand the councilwomen' comments and her efforts to clean the parks but why can't both be done? She is splitting hairs...just cause in her words “more needs to be done; doesn’t mean that this should not be a step toward a host of things be done... why not have the band apply to additional stores like Seven 11; movie theathers and other stores.
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