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Next Hostage

by Randi Rhodes posted Sep 26 2013 4:17PM

The good news is that it seems like the GOP might be backing away from the idea of a government shutdown. The bad news is that they’re only not doing it so that they can default on the debt. Government shutdown, or defaulting on the debt? So little time, and so many ways to harm America.

After his big fake filibuster, Ted Cruz called into Rush Limbaugh’s show to decry political theater and show votes! Amazing! Ted Cruz cries out against political “theater” while he’s still wiping the greasepaint off of his face after his latest performance.

On Rush’s show, Ted Cruz kept referring to his pointless speech as “the filibuster.” Hey, if nothing that you say in 21 hours is going to be true, you might as well give the whole thing a title that’s a blatant lie as well. Cruz said he would not defend himself against those who said his speech was nothing but a PR and fundraising stunt. That’s convenient—because there is absolutely no way he can defend himself against those charges.

A top Nevada Republican says that the 2014 election should be great for Republicans since there will be fewer of those pesky minorities and young people voting. Why there are so few that they barely have to work at disenfranchising them! Every minority voter who doesn’t bother to vote is one less minority voter that the GOP doesn’t have to prevent from voting.

That insane gun-nut ex-sheriff from Pennsylvania has his own radio talk show. Of course you knew that was going to happen the first time you saw one of his videos of him shooting a gun and ranting obscenities. Mark Kessler was famous for making hate-filled video rants that featured extreme gun violence. He now regrets ever having done that… without realizing that he could get paid for doing it.

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President Obama talked in detail about the Obamacare rollout and the law’s fanatical opposition earlier today in Maryland...

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09/26/2013 4:21PM
Next Hostage
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