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Mitt's Secrets

by Randi Rhodes posted Jul 16 2012 3:00PM

Mitt Romney’s supporters were all over the Sunday shows trying to contain the damage done to his campaign. At issue is if Mitt left Bain Capital in 1999 or in 2002. Mitt insists that he left in 1999, which would strongly suggest that he left in 2002. From their performances on the Sunday shows, it appears that Romney’s surrogates cannot dance nearly as well as his dressage horse. Senior Romney campaign advisor Ed Gillespie said that, for the years in question, Mitt “retired retroactively” from Bain. I assume that Ed Gillespie wishes he could retroactively not have said that. Hmm... maybe Mitt can get out of this fiasco by saying that he wasn’t really in charge of his campaign during the time all of this is coming out.

Even Republicans are calling on Mitt to release more tax returns. If nothing else, Republicans know they could probably pick up some pretty effective tax avoidance schemes by examining Romney’s tax returns. Romney’s people say that the Obama campaign is talking about Mitt’s taxes because they want to distract attention away from the unemployment numbers. Well, the unemployment numbers are out there... unlike the numbers on Mitt’s tax returns.

Mitt gave John McCain’s campaign 23 years of tax returns in 2008 when he was trying to get the VP slot... and McCain picked Sarah Palin. McCain was a major risk taker, but there was something in Mitt’s tax returns that was too risky for even John McCain. The problem with Palin is that she wasn’t properly vetted. It appears that the problem with Romney is that he was properly vetted. And now he’s trying to make sure that never happens again.

George W. Bush is presenting a book of ideas about how to rebuild the economy. Perfect. Having George Bush present a book about the economy is like having Chris Christie present a book about diet and exercise. I’m surprised this happened. You would think that Mitt Romney would be fighting as hard to keep George Bush out of sight as he was to keep Dick Cheney out of sight at his own fundraiser. Heck, you would think Romney would be trying to hide George Bush as hard as he is trying to hide his tax returns.

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07/16/2012 3:05PM
Mitt's Secrets
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